My New Earphones – The Klipsch Image S4

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The Klipsch IMAGE S4 undoubtedly are a pair of powerful headphones (IEMs) that go super easy on the pocket book. If you are searching for something far better to replace the stock earphones on the music player, they earpieces might possibly be the thing that you are searching for.

These earphones seal off outside noises very well. That means far better noise blocking and fuller music.

The Klipsch IMAGE S4 are easy to fit and remove. One could put them on for many hours while avoiding experiencing the irritation which a number of Earphones give you. The adaptable and soft ear buds fit the ears very well. That is crucial in order to form a superb seal and for putting them on for many hours.

Klipsch is acknowledged for creating high-quality IEMs. The Klipsch IMAGE S4 aren’t any different. Music is actually realistic, so this means there’s really no muddy results, whether it be in the higher or very low ranges. Sound details are good and would make the Klipsch IMAGE S4 suitable for many music genres.

The bass is satisfying and to me, is simply perfect. Nonetheless, if you are looking for one with less rounded bass, you may want to give it a pass.

The Klipsch IMAGE S4 is available in a black and silver look. Very pretty here. I’ve people come up to me and ask me where to get such.

I think such Klipsch IMAGE S4 In-Ear Monitors are really priced a lot less than they should be. For the sounds and construction, they are a real great deal. Appropriate for regular commuting, comfortable and noiseless enough for planes and studying, and light enough for fitness wear.

If you are keen, you can learn a lot more at this Klipsch Image S4 site.

Another Review

Here’s what another user has got to say about his pair of Klipsch IMAGE S4 headsets:

“CNET recently released their 5 top selections for the finest earbuds under $100 and and since I already got the V-Moda Vibes (in need of replacing… the 4th broken pair of em) I would buy 2 additional sets and compare the three. CNET had the S4’s at the top and after 2 weeks of sturdy use I couldn’t agree more. Klipsch’s buds appear to wins the other two in every way. The S4’s cord will not conduct sound from rubbing like the Vibes, and isn’t perma-kinked much like the Ultimate Ears. The S4’s are as cool as the Vibe’s though are nearly as sturdy as the rugged Ultimate Ears buds. So far as the sounds goes the S4’s have marginally tighter bass versus the bass heavy (which I like) Vibes and more clean highs than the Ultimate Ears. So here’s the break down in my opinion”


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