Video Games: Silent Health Hazard For Kids

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GONE ARE the days when kids used to be satisfied with a bat and a ball or parents buying favorite toy of their choice. Kids of today’s generation seem to be getting demanding and greedy, and if their demands are not fulfilled, they resort to ways such as crying, shouting, showing disrespect towards parents and in worse cases it could also lead to child showing tantrums while studying and completing their homework.

So, the helpless parents have no way out but to fulfill their child’s demand even after knowing that the demand is not genuine. Thus, now what we see at a normal household most of the times – especially on a holiday or weekends – is kids spending most of their time just sitting glued to their television sets, playing video games, surfing the internet, and playing games online.

Parents may feel happy and satisfied seeing their kids busy and getting aware of the latest technologies and gadgets, which they themselves may have been deprived of in their childhood.

But now even scientific results and surveys have concluded that too much of video games not just hampers mental and physical growth of the kids but its negative impact on a kid’s overall development is beyond doubt. Even doctors have confirmed the fact that too much of video gaming in worst cases, can lead to a sort of addiction, high tempers, and high levels of excitement, which can ultimately also cause eye discomfort, blurry visions and headaches, which is not at all a good sign for a child’s overall development.

The critical age-group of children falling in the trap of video gaming is between age of 5-13. Children forget that continuously playing such games strains their eyes, their mental growth also stagnates, and overall, they may themselves become irritating. There can also be redness in eyes, nausea and dizziness as adverse effects on children’s health.

Eye specialists have also said that if a child continuously keeps his eyes exposed to such gadgets it may lead to worse eye ailments such as Glaucoma, Myopia, and further, it may lead to complete or partial eye-blindness.

So, now parents must get a reality check on their parenting and instead of over-pampering their kids by buying them their latest Play station version, they must sit with them and also get their regular health and eye checkups done to ensure their kids lead a happy and healthy life.

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