Quit Smoking Now !

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Quit Smoking For Good

Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.

Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time.

In our world today where the trend of fitnessis starting to grow, smoking is a big “NO!” But, for those whose habit of smoking is already engraved in their blood, it is very difficult to stop. For them, it is a stimulant, a stress reliever, and their way of coping up with modern society. But, the benefits you get from smoking are far less than the dangers it bring.

It does not matter if you are thin or fat or with an athletic built. All body types are at risk. How grave the effect of smoking is to your body depends on your state of health, the type of tobacco you smoke, its form, its burning temperature, and how long you had been smoking.It causes damage to the respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive system.

Think About Quitting

If you’re thinking about quitting or have stopped smoking but failed to quit, don’t lose hope because smokers often try to quit more than once before they actually succeed.

To give you a strong reason to quit smoking, this section will also tackle dangerous diseases – such as lung cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, etc – caused by smoking cigarettes. In addition, this section will explain the reasons why it is extremely hard to quit smoking, hurdles in quitting and possible nicotine withdrawal symptoms that you may encounter throughout this process.

Effects of Smoking

Years of clinical studies have proven that using Tobacco causes people to become sick, disabled or die.

There are two factors that will determine your success in quitting smoking for good. They are;

  • Will – You must have the desire to give up your habit of smoking and create a strong will to avoid a smoking relapse.

  • Mindset – You must learn about the effects of smoking, understand its consequences and face the fact that you need to stop smoking and follow, finish and maintain a quit smoking plan.

Someone once famously said “If you can teach a person to quit smoking, you can teach him anything”.

Smoking as a phenomenon derives its roots from the primitive man’s need to remain warm in the coldness of his nights (which were probably very cold with the ice-age and all). Now, with an approximate 1.45 billion people all over the world joining the cause, the roots seem to be have stuck.


Nicotine is a drug found naturally in tobacco. It is as addictive as heroin or cocaine. Over time, a person becomes physically dependent on and emotionally addicted to nicotine. The physical dependence causes unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit. The emotional and mental dependence (addiction) make it hard to stay away from nicotine after you quit. Studies have shown that smokers must deal with both the physical and mental dependence to quit and stay quit.

The statistics

If statistics is anything to go by- one human life is lost to tobacco use somewhere in the world every eight seconds. That translates to approximately 50 lac deaths annually. A research suggests that one in two lifetime smokers will die from their habit. Half of these deaths will occur in middle age i.e. between 40 and 50 years of age.  Another research estimated that adult male smokers lost an average of 13.2 years of life and female smokers lost 14.5 years of life because of smoking. With the average life expectancy of the average Indian male and female being 65 and 67 years respectively that leaves you gentlemen conveniently dead at 52 years of age and ladies at 53 years ,more so!!

With this amount of killer statistics available in the public domain smoking still seems to be the favorite pastime of the old and the young. What then is the culprit?

Another group of smokers seem to be more concerned about the environment. “Air pollution is probably just as bad”-they say. And there is yet another school of smokers- with a more philosophical view on life (and death). “You have got to die of something, eventually”. Smoking is just that something they say.


The problem with smokers is their perception of their habits. Smoking to them is just another thing and not a serious addiction. The thing to understand however that smoking is not just another nasty little habit; it is a form of drug addiction-addiction to nicotine. Nicotine dependency is every bit as real and permanent as alcoholism, heroin or Methamphetamine addiction. But owing to its casual acceptance by the mass it is more difficult to shed off than say heroin or meth addiction which are straight away tagged as serious addictions and dealt with in the same way.

The way out

 The only way out then is a conscious and educated effort by the user to get out of this mess. The user has to get his priorities straight. A look at the diseased and tarred lung on the face of the cigarette pack once in a while could perhaps pump up some much needed aversion. The effect of this filthy habit on one’s family (especially the mother, wife or the child) could also help some other out. The realization that smoking just ruins one’s health could get some other going. For the rest of us the knowledge that smoking just f***s up our sex life could we hope, be motivation enough to quit the habit.

For those of us who have been pumped up (enough we hope) by the useless gyan above and decided to take their life back in their own hands (no wrong ideas please) following write-up provides a definitive how-to on quitting smoking.

Health Risks of Smoking

Smoking is one of the main causes of serious health diseases, such as cancer, stroke and heart problems. If you have no plans of quitting today, having knowledge of the different types of illnesses that you may experience through years of smoking may change your perception and lead you to stop smoking.

In this section, you will discover how smoking affects various parts of the body including the eyes, nose, throat, lungs, heart, skin, blood, etc. Here are some possible health effects of smoking:

• Lung Cancer
• Heart Diseases
• High Blood Pressure
• Bad Breath
• Gum Disease
• Depression
• Snoring
• Diabetes
• Infertility on men and women
• Thyroid Disease
• Harmful effects on Bones and Joints

Preparing To Quit Smoking

The first key to quitting smoking successfully is planning and preparation. You need to prepare your body and mind before actually quitting. Determine your personal goals, discover your reasons for quitting and get rid of temptations that may become a hindrance to your stop smoking program. Tobacco smoke contains nicotine, a drug that is addictive and can make it very hard, but not impossible, to quit.

Smoking’s bad effect is not limited. Among the most fatal diseases are cancer of the lung, larynx (voice box), oral cavity, pharynx (throat), esophagus (swallowing tube connected to the stomach), or bladder. It may also contribute to the development of cancers of the pancreas, cervix, kidney, or stomach.

Smoking may be addictive. It may make you look cool. It does help you cope up with stress. But, are these benefits enough to make you choose smoking than living a healthy life? Is it worth risking your life?



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