Redefining Internet Marketing: Facebook Fan Page

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One of the groundbreaking revolutions that most definitely redefined the face of socializing and social networking nowadays, is Facebook. Thanks to a certain Mark Zuckerberg, millions of people can now connect with others without having to actually personally meet. Consequences aside there is no doubt that Facebook has definitely changed the way socializing works nowadays. One can basically think about it as a big social club, except now people have the convenience of snooping around other people’s lives in their own homes—safely hidden behind their monitors.

More than the social snooping though, Facebook has also opened its doors to another type of snooping around: marketing. Yes, the powers of Facebook have reached the world of marketing, consequently also redefining the way companies seduce people into buying their products. Because it is over the web, new advantages pose itself in advertising.

Companies can now utilize the dynamic use of graphics such as moving pictures, as opposed to the plain old, picture in the paper on in billboards. With Facebook, companies can take advantage of internet marketing by making brilliant web designs and plugging in many different clickable ads to generate traffic into their websites.

There are many more efficient ways to use internet marketing in Facebook. Again, this all banks on the advantage of the dynamism the web offers. Thus, perhaps the most certain way to market over the internet using Facebook, is to create a fan page.

A fan page is basically just like someone’s profile page—except that it is a profile of whatever it is the company is endorsing. It may be an event, a product, or even the company itself. A fan page, just like a website of a company, may contain pictures—or better yet photo albums—contact information of the company, detailed descriptions of each of its products, and more. Whatever it is, it is an effective way of getting the company’s target market involved. Why? It is because not only do they get information from the product, but they also get comment, ask questions, insert suggestions and get constant updates from the company. The prospective clients get to be involved, even if it is in the Facebook way (for example, in liking statuses, posting comments, etc.)

Involving clients is, as any successful marketing agent would know, very important in advertising. It has also never quite reached the degree that Facebook has been able to reach because, really, how much interaction can one get from a billboard or a news ad? Thus, making a Facebook fan page is indeed one very important internet marketing strategy one can do in Facebook, rather than just posting ads.

Another important effect of making a fan page is that it generates more prospective clients to join. This is because, the current client’s activities in that fan page may be shown in their profiles, which can in turn directly be seen by their friends. When these show, the name or information about the company gets more exposed to more people and a sort of customer domino effect ensues—all these with the mere existence of the fan page.


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