Flowers And Plants

The history of giving flowers and plants dates back in the early years. Flowers and plants are traditionally given to loved ones in lieu of material things in life. Growing flowers and plants can be for decoration purposes but flowers and plants, particularly homegrown, are given to people who are dear to us to let them know that we always think of them.

Through the ages, man makes use of flowers and plants as a way of expressing human feelings. They are often given during anniversaries, birthdays and other occasions to show love and affection. Flowers and plants is an unspoken message of wishing someone well to cheer-up the recipient happy or to apologize for something done wrong.

Since giving flowers and plants can be associated with human emotions they provide the best medium in conveying the seriousness of what we feel. The plants and flowers can give the right touch and texture that will embody our message.  For this purpose, here are some plant species and what each of them symbolizes: 

1. Agaphantis for secret love; 

2. bluebells for humility;

3. caladium for joy; 

4. daisy for loyal love and innocence; 

5. freesia for trust; 

6. honeysuckle for happiness; 

7. orchid for maturity and charm and 

8. wisteria for welcoming someone.

The beauty of giving flowers is that they are flexible and very reliable as a gift-giving solution. If you do not know what to give for a certain occasion, flowers are always there to the rescue. There will also be times that you’re too busy to choose the right kind of flowers and plants, then the florist in a flower shop is the right resource person. 

Some women consider the act of giving flowers and plants a waste of money since they are the type of persons who prefer goods that possess tangible material value. However, there are several reasons why you are on the right track in giving flowers. Based on scientific studies made, a single stem of rose placed on a woman’s table can create passion, cheerfulness and calmness. Moreover, flowers are light on the budget and it is worth what you paid for. Women would think that you took the initiative just to give her a perfect bouquet. 

There are online flower shops nowadays where you can choose the right flower to send to anyone without the need to go out. As a whole, you will never go wrong when giving someone flowers and plants. 

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