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When planning to buy makeup for your face, you should keep in mind the basic makeup tips. Makeup tips will require you to determine the shape of your face and your skin tone. Face shapes vary, wherein they can be round, square, heart, oval, long and short. This is important so that proper makeup tips will be applied to bring out the best features of your face. Round shapes faces for example, will need more prominence on the cheek bones to make face appear less rounded into becoming slimmer. From there, you can refer to the makeup tips that will serve as your guide for the right shade and type of makeup to buy. 

The skin tone is vital in looking for the right face makeup for you. Makeup tips for various skin tones suitable for pale, black, tan, yellow, neutral, medium and the likes. One way of determining you skin tone is by putting a portion of white paper next to your face while in front of a mirror. You can try different colors on the piece of paper and determine which color will become you most.   

When looking for the right face makeup, check out the makeup tips about hypoallergenic cosmetics to avoid having skin allergies. Makeup tips will remind you to checkout labels that indicate if the makeup is hypoallergenic. These are ideal for users with sensitive skin which all the more renders the cosmetic safe to use for everybody.      

Another makeup tip to avoid allergic reactions is to clean the face of all excess oil and dirt. Afterwards, massage the face with moisturizer to reduce dryness and make the skin more supple. Applying foundation will be easier since the makeup will smooth out easily on a more pliant and smoother skin texture. 

There are several skin foundations you can try to see if it will work well with your skin type. Heed some makeup tips before deciding on any of the following variations, crèmes, iridescent, liquids, two-in-ones, sheers or lasting. Crèmes are heavy and unnatural in appearance but they create a flawless look and are ideal for badly ravaged skins. Iridescent as a foundation can make your skin gleam for added stage effect. Liquid foundations can give moisturizing effect and cover a wide area of the face. Sheers are the lightest among the foundations and used by people with great skin requiring fewer enhancements. 

Another important makeup tip is to apply face powder only after the base foundation has dried up to avoid blotching. Remember to use powder that will surely match your skin. Loose powder should be used with a large brush while pressed powder normally comes in compact form with a puff. 

You can now use the blush after applying the powder to give that radiant glow. To see whether the blush is light or dark, you can sample it at the back of the wrist. One good makeup tip in applying blush is to try different techniques for blush application. It can be in small circles on the cheek or in downward motion and see what is appropriate for you. 

After the cheek, the eyes come next. The eye shadow has different uses but what is important is that it should match your skin tone. The main makeup tip in order to have a distinguishable pair of eyes is to define your eye shape using an eyeliner preferably at the bottom. In a face makeup, the eyes can be considered as the focal point, hence, make sure that you only buy eye makeup products that do not smudge easily and if possible, waterproof.     

The last focus of the makeup tips is the luscious lips. You can try a lip crayon, cream, lipstick or gloss. The color of the lips should match with the eyes and blush. 

Makeup tips given by makeup experts are intended to inform those who cannot afford professional makeup artists to enhance their features for them. The face can have a better contour or achieve a softness of features if the right makeup tips will be used as guide when applying makeup. A wrong choice of make up tone or color can create unbecoming effects in your facial features and will only leave you disappointed. 


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