Most Frequent Auto Repairs

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Owning even the highest-technology vehicle does not guarantee the elimination of auto repairs. Wear and tear is common to machines while the parts with the most frequent auto repairs should be handled with care and accuracy by trained mechanics. The moment you sense that something is not working properly, calling a mechanic to have the vehicle repaired is the best thing to do.

In order to avoid road problems, proper maintenance by regularly checking the parts that sustain the most frequent auto repairs should be observed. Knowing the parts that incur the most frequent auto repairs can also avoid accidents since preventive repairs can immediately address the problems discovered during periodic maintenance checks. 

For further information, the most frequent auto repairs include brakes, tires, dashboard lights, oil and lights. 

· Regular maintenance checks particularly apply to brakes which should be regularly checked for brake fluid leaks. The brakes are one of the vehicle parts where most frequent auto repairs occur since they are constantly in use; hence, they are subjected to wear and tear more often than any other vehicle parts. Periodic maintenance is a must since a malfunctioning brake may lead to serious accidents detrimental not only to the driver and its passengers but also to other road users as well. 

· A brake fluid leak is one of the signs that the brakes are in need of immediate repairs. Other signs include squeaking noises, mushy connections and the need to stomp on the pedals repeatedly among others. It would be best to go straight away to the auto repair shop if these signs are experienced while on the road. If it isn’t possible to do so, leave the vehicle in a safe and appropriate place and call a mechanic. If these signs were noted in your car while still in your garage, it would be better not to drive the vehicle but instead bring the mechanic over.

· Also included in the most frequent auto repairs are the tires. Similar to breaks, they sustain the most in wear and tear when the vehicle is very much in use. Regular maintenance includes checking of tire pressure, visual examination of sharp objects, tread inspection and looking for signs of bulging. Further, if you experience wobbling in your steering wheel while driving, it is better to refer the matter to a professional mechanic for further evaluation. The wobbling may not only be attributable to the tires but to the car’s under chassis as well.  

· Dashboard lights are also one of the car features with most frequent auto repairs. The red lights for “Check Engine” or “Check Oil” are the ones often subjected to most frequent auto repairs. Flashing of these warning signs may mean engine overheat or lack of oil. Although the car will still run efficiently, ignoring them may lead to untoward incidents since the indicators provide important warning signs about your engine. 

· Oil is part of the most frequent auto repairs. An oil leak will render your vehicle not serviceable. A mechanic is in a better position to analyze where the leaks are coming from, for appropriate repair. Some of the sources of oil leaks are busted oil seal, cracks, excessive oil and the likes.

· The taillights are another of those car parts with the most frequent auto repairs. This is hardly noticeable when you are in the road and it would be unfortunate if it will have to take a policeman pulling you over because your taillights are not flashing any signal lights at all. The problem may be due to busted lights, electrical system failures, broken fuse and others. 

· The absence of taillights can cause serious accidents especially when you are travelling in the freeway. Other motorists will not know whether you are making a turn or will be making a stop if there are no properly functioning taillights to warn them. Taillights are mostly needed in bad weather conditions and these are the times that you should make a regular inspection of your vehicle lights diligently. You can probably ask a family member to check them from the outside while you take the necessary driving steps to effect the changes in your automobile’s signal lights.

Vehicles owners can avoid accident through proper maintenance of car parts that sustain the most wear and tear, thus needing the most frequent auto repairs. A responsible driver must have periodic inspection schedules just to be sure that the parts are in good working condition. 


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