Pearl Jewelry

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For centuries, the classic beauty of pearl has been imparted to us through customs and traditions. Pearl jewelry can often be seen in fashion, photographs and artworks. The grace and luster it brings cannot be denied hence, the classic beauty of pearl jewelry is often emphasized in every jewelry collections.  

For thousands of years, pearls had been an integral part of accessories and even found use as ingredient for some cosmetics. Pearls are undeniably flawless works of nature and can be considered as one of the most valuable gemstones. As an offer of proof, the oldest pearl jewelry that was found dates as far back as 520 BC in the tomb of a young Persian princess. Hence, it became a known fact that pearls had adorned the royalties of early civilization.

As years passed by, the pearl became an important part of the fashion world. So many people came to adore and appreciate the classic beauty of pearl; pearl jewelry has been used as fashion accessory since the start of the 13th century. One way of displaying wealth then was to decorate your clothing with pearls. Before, pearl jewelry was only used as part of ordinary jewelry for beautification purposes.      

When the American natives started harvesting pearls, its other uses became well-known. Pearl jewelry came in the form of pendants, earrings, clothing accessories, compliments and as a form of money used by both men and women. 

Pearls were considered as magical in ancient Rome and Renaissance period. Back then, wearing of pearl jewelry was permitted only to people with noble distinction. The tradition had been passed on to the present generation where wearing of pearl jewelry can be considered as representation of certain class in a society and distinction. Only people with extra money can afford to buy pearl jewelry as fashion accessories.

In today’s world, pearl jewelry and its classic beauty remain undiminished. Pearl jewelry is a symbol of elegance in societies in all parts of the globe. Often, pearl jewelry is used in weddings to symbolize purity and innocence of the concerned parties. Also, strands of pearls are part of the accessories of debutantes and elegant women. In like manner, the Hindu religion considered piercing a flawless pearl stud as a tradition in any marriage ceremony.

The late Jacqueline Kennedy used strands of pearls as part of her accessories. This was one of her trademarks to show her style and flare. As a result, women all over the world wanted to be like her by wearing pearl jewelry and at the same time imitating her classic dress style. 

As a whole, pearl jewelry and accessories are classic distinctions of class, exquisite taste and elegant design. The magnificent beauty of a woman is forever reflected when she wears pearl jewelry as part of her fashion accessories. 


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