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Entertainment stories have more substance compared to entertainment news. In fact, they are even more interesting because they are stories about what’s going-on behind the entertainment scene and have more sense. 

An example would be the story behind an original song sang by a civil rights activist at an American Idol audition and the essence of his rap song “Pants on the Ground”. The song rouses black American youths to clean their acts because old civil rights activists like him went through a lot during the dark days in the lives of Black Americans. Walking around with pants hanging low and sagging to the ground was not decent and was not worthy of what he and his colleagues sacrificed during their younger years all to uplift the black American status. This is one that made it as of the top entertainment stories because the rap song became an instant hit among YouTube viewers.     

Some entertainment stories are about real-life behind–the-scene-dramas about TV celebrities and how they have to muscle their way with the network they belong to just tp reclaim or keep their posts. The recent entertainment stories are follow–ups about talk show hosts exchanging tirades against each other in their NBC time slots.  

Entertainment stories are also about people who seem to provide entertainment without meaning to. In fact some of them are doing their thing not just to get publicity but for a cause. One good example of entertainment stories like these is about the No Pants Subway Ride. 

The group which started the movement with only 7 members has grown to hundreds of members hence they have attracted enough attention to become one of the latest entertainment stories. They strip down to their underwear altogether at an appointed time in a year and ride the NYC subway trains casually. It’s supposed to be their way of sending a message to the government that nothing has changed and everything is still the same. 

Riding pant less is one way they could break the monotony of what is happening in New York and at the same time instil awareness about the need for change. . However, to avoid their protest from turning to violence, the group sees stripping down to their undies as an act that can inject humour among the city’s subway train riders.    

These are only examples of entertainment stories that dwell on interesting human aspects instead of gossips, scandals and rumours. Often, these entertainment stories have some message or moral lessons behind them. 

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