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Entertainment stories can easily catch attention and often they just don’t stop at just one news item for a single day. Hot entertainment stories carry on for days, weeks, and even months until the issue will have its closure or just die a natural death. On this note, let’s take a look back at the recently concluded year 2009 and checkout the top entertainment stories of the year. 

Michael Jackson’s Death- tops the list since it was the year’s shocker because it was the Michael Jackson story that opened a can of worms. MJ’s death was ruled as homicide because his attending physician administered painkillers beyond what is safe and appropriate. Only a few were aware that Michael was sick. Actually nobody seemed to care but was only interested in the child molester charges filed against him. 

After Michael’s death, his accuser committed suicide for feeling overly ridden with guilt about his false accusations. So the entertainment stories about Michael Jackson’s death got bigger and bigger and went on for months. It earned the ire of non-Michael Jackson fans because everybody was now singing praises which only a few ever did during Michael’s lifetime and moments while he was being tried in court.  The entertainment stories about MJ’s death soon died a natural death when Michael Jackson was finally laid to rest.         

A Star is Born with Susan Boyle- this is one of the top entertainment stories that took long before readers and entertainment enthusiasts took long to lose interest in. Nobody expected that the robust and plain looking woman who dared to audition at Britain’s Got Talent contest could humble everyone who heard her. Everybody was ready to snicker at her audaciousness, including Simon Cowell. After hearing her sing, nobody was laughing, some were even crying and could not believe what they just heard. From then on entertainment stories continuously carried news items on how Susan Boyle was on her way to stardom. The entertainment stories about Ms. Boyle finally eased down after Susan Boyle emerged with a new image. Her transformation into a sophisticated singing celebrity after her whole makeover was done seemed to be the closure readers wanted about Susan Boyle’s rise to stardom.               

Chris Browned and Blued Rihanna, which shocked everyone at how a popular singer like Rihanna allowed herself to be in such a relationship that could do this to her. Rihanna is still at the peak of her career and too idolized. Every fan was outraged, but the uproar could be heard when further development to the entertainment stories that succeeded carried news that Rihanna and Chris were back in each other’s arms. Even Oprah had to say her piece about Rihanna’s decision to forgive Chris.  The series of entertainment stories that followed had its closure only when Rihanna finally came out in the open and filed charges against Chris Brown, with the latter now rendering community services as part of his punishment. 

These were the top three entertainment stories that hugged the headlines for quite some time and were without let up until the fans and readers were satisfied with the outcome. 


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