Exercise For Children

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In today’s technology, children’s activities hardly allow them to engage in physical exertion which we can consider as good enough exercise for children. There’s the television, the computer, MP4, gaming console and even the portable video games which do not require children to use up energy and burn some of the calories they intake. As a result, their physical activities have become limited. 

This is coupled by the fact that living conditions in high-rise buildings such as condominiums, tenement houses allow very little spaces for outdoor recreation.  Whereas before, children could have a whole yard or even open fields where they could play and romp around, children have to go to parks just to have a good place to engage in such activities. At times, parents are just too tired to take them out in wide open spaces for outdoor fun and recreation, unmindful of the fact that exercise for children is also important.

Exercise for children plays significant role in molding their physical well being as well as future health conditions. Exercise for children will make them less stressful, feel better and be more attentive in school. It can also make them rest properly which will promote the healthy growth of their cells and bones. 

Parents should set a good example for their children by engaging in physical activities themselves. A physical activity of at least an hour a day is already sufficient as exercise for children. Enrolling their kids in any sports activities can be considered a good exercise for children. Some of the activities that can serve as good exercise for children are walking, dancing, biking and a lot more. If done regularly, parents can keep them fit and healthy thus avoiding possible health problems.

As much as possible, parents should limit their children’s time in front of the high-technology equipment that makes them stationary for most of the time. This is to avoid their being prone to development of health disorders like coronary artery disease. This also applies to adults since inactivity can lead to stroke, diabetes, low good cholesterol, obesity and high blood pressure.

As a suggestion from the American Heart Association, starting at the age of two years old, children should be allowed to join in at least thirty minutes of moderately intense physical activities that are enjoyable to them. Also, parents should allot a thirty-minute activity period for their children each day. If this is not possible, two fifteen minute or three ten minute periods will already suffice. However, activities should conform to their gender, age, emotional and physical development.

Henceforth, whenever parents see that their children are gaining so much weight, try looking for exercise for children that is appropriate for them. This will keep them away from acquiring medical conditions brought about by lack of physical activity. Moreover, these children will enjoy their lives to the fullest in the absence of any illnesses. 


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