Expensive Engagement Ring

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The traditional solitaire diamond ring is an example of an expensive engagement ring and it often does the trick in convincing a girl to accept a wedding proposal. However, diamond engagement rings can be expensive and will take a lot of careful considerations when buying them. The diamond stone of an expensive engagement ring should pass a certain criteria of cut, clarity, color and carat weight. Its quality should be flawless and set in gold, or white gold or platinum.

If you can’t afford a diamond engagement ring you don’t have to feel bad about it. Expensive engagement rings aren’t the sole basis for a girl to accept your offer of marriage but it’s actually the invaluable love that the engagement ring symbolizes that matters. Choosing a less expensive engagement ring will not degrade your intentions and if your girl knows and understands you, she is not inclined to expect an expensive engagement ring either.   

 If you will consider other gemstones like emerald, sapphire, moissanite, and ruby just to name a few, the price of the engagement ring will be considerably lower. You will find that a wide selection of less expensive engagement rings abound not only in jewelry establishments but also in online jewelry stores.  

People who can afford to buy designer crafted engagement rings are those with lots of money to spare. An expensive engagement ring can even amount to millions but buying it does not necessarily guarantee a marriage made in heaven. What it guarantees is the high value of the ring’s diamond stone even after the proposal it was used for has served it purpose. Buying an expensive engagement ring is also a form of investment since diamond rings appreciate in their value as time passes on.  

Nevertheless, if you can’t afford to invest in an expensive engagement ring, investing your resources to build a good relationship and good family is not at all a bad thing. The joys and rewards of a happy family life are priceless and often invaluable because they are treasures that money cannot buy.         

In buying an engagement ring, the first step is to look for reputable jewelry stores. They can assist you by giving suggestions based on your budget. There are different designs to choose from while the prices vary and will depend on the style, design and the gemstone of the ring. 

In like manner, there are online stores which you can visit where you can look for designs and styles then check them out afterwards at the jewelry store itself. Buying expensive engagement ring online is not a good idea because certain aspects have better results if done in consultation with professional advice. In case you still want to buy online, carefully check the reputation of the seller. One way of doing it is by going through forum sites and in the comment section of the seller’s website. This way, you can have an idea of their reputation and integrity as an online jewelry store. 


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