Expensive House

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In wanting to own a dream house it means you are aiming for an expensive house. Dream houses are those that are built in upscale suburban areas, often away from the hustle and bustle of city life but near enough to where modern amenities are located. Who knows, some of us may hit it big with our businesses or reach the top of our careers and earn high salaries. You may even become a celebrity or win in some lottery thus enable you to fulfill your dream of owning an expensive house. You can have an expensive house where there are backup power supplies, security gates, spas, all surrounded by a sprawling estate.   

On the other hand, some people are already contented in modest homes even if it is not an expensive house as long as they can call it their own. They’re located in a safe and peaceful neighborhood where grocery stores, schools, malls are near or where getting a transport is not at all difficult. What is important is to have enough time to enjoy their home and find the relaxation they need even if it does not have the amenities typical of an expensive house.      

In owning an expensive house you should be aware that there are plenty of obligations attached to it. One example is the payment of real estate tax which usually amounts to more than a hundred thousand in a year. This is particularly true if the expensive house is situated in a plush area. In fact, during this time of recession, even the expensive houses of celebrities and well-known personalities are up for sale because they could no longer afford to pay realty taxes. 

Maintenance and upkeep especially with the high cost of utilities also pose a big problem to them. They have to have several house staff to maintain their sprawling estates well manicured and their state of the art facilities well maintained. Unless of course if their sources of income are not affected by the economic crisis, the high costs of maintaining an expensive house do not present any problem.  

When looking for your dream house, it is better to hire the services of a real estate agent. You can describe in details the things you are looking for such as location, ample yard for the kids, number of bedrooms and not necessarily an expensive house that would be hard to upkeep. Although there is a corresponding fee involved, the services of the real estate agent are useful since they have information about dream houses that have been foreclosed and can be bought through affordable mortgage loans. 

Who knows your dream of owning an expensive house may be realized after all. Just make sure you can work out a good mortgage deal wherein your mortgage amortizations are within your means. Otherwise, you will only suffer the same fate as the previous owner of that dream house. 


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