Face Lift in a Bottle

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Who would have ever thought that face lift in a bottle can be invented? Science and technology have always been working hand in hand hence, everything has become possible. In the earlier years, facelift is traditionally done through cosmetic surgery by removing excess facial skin to give that young-looking appearance. Now, face lift in a bottle is available in specialty stores and Internet which can be used right in your own home.   

A certain product manufacturer claims that their face lift in a bottle can stimulate the skin of the face and neck to make you look younger. Accordingly, their face lifts in a bottle has the ability to tone and firm facial muscles as well as lessen the fine lines and wrinkles for an improved skin tone and color. The face lift in a bottle is said to contain natural penetrating agents to create isometric pressure which pushes back the muscles for that younger looking skin particularly the face and neck.  


If this face lift in a bottle can be construed as true, cosmetic surgeons might lose some of their clients and could cost them their businesses. Facelift ranks seventh in the most popular aesthetic surgery in 2007 according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Imagine that by having face lift in a bottle, product costs and healing period provide great cost reduction factors. 


How to Use Face-Lift-in-a Bottle 


In using the facelift product, the user only needs to clean the face with soap or preparatory cleanser and water. Afterwards, wet the fingertips with water. The facelift product should be poured into the wet fingertips for application to the face and neck in upward and downward directions. Let it dry for about twenty to twenty five minutes. In removing the facelift product, use lukewarm water. Apply this procedure two to four times in a week for the initial ninety days and twice a week thereafter.


What is more interesting about this facelift product is that it can be used by men and women. It is classified as cosmetic product under the category “Compression Masque” by the Texas department of Health which makes it a highly recognized product by majority of skin care professionals. 


If you’re going to use face lift in a bottle you will have to be cautious in keeping your skin looking young and healthy. Things to avoid include too much exposure to sunlight, caffeine, dairy products, alcoholic beverages, smoking cigarette, etc. Nonetheless, you should also indulge in healthy diet and exercise. Otherwise, you will only counter the effects of the product by putting more demand on it than is normally required. 


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