Face Painting Ideas

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Enterprising businesses continue to amaze parents with new products they can use to keep their kids busy and one of these includes face painting ideas. Parents who are planning to host a party or event for their children can offer face painting ideas as another form of entertainment. Children will surely enjoy this as they create their own designs. Just imagine the joy that will light up their faces once they get their face painting ideas on their own faces. What is more interesting is that there are various designs to choose from aside from their own face painting ideas.

To be well prepared, some face painting ideas can be found in books at bookstores near you. Better yet, simply browse through the Internet and discover all the face painting ideas you can find. Normally, the ideas from the reference materials you will get have simple instructions to follow. The most popular face painting ideas are tiger, clown, dog, cat and butterfly. There are still numerous designs and ideas that are easy and simple to create. Simply research about them in the net and you will surely find more creative ideas.

Keep in mind however, that cosmetic paint made of water-based materials is usually used in painting a person’s face. Other forms of paints such as acrylic, markers, watercolor pencils and others should not be used since allergic reactions might occur.  Here are more tips in executing face painting ideas: 

1. In buying face paint materials, make sure that it conforms to FDA regulations and child safety guidelines. There were numerous issues before that some face products contained “lead” which can be harmful to the body. This is particularly true if accidentally eaten or unintentionally dripped in your child’s nose, ear or eye. 

2. Face paint is also expensive and you should control its use especially if this will be used in kid’s party. It should be under the supervision of a responsible person so that it will not be wasted. Use a sponge instead of brush since the former will make the application quicker. 

3. Let the initial color dry before you apply another color. If this will not be done, you will only mix the first and second colors. The result is that you will have to repeat the process. 

4. Another way to save on face paint is have a face painting stencil for flowers, hearts and stars.  

5. It is better that face painting should be done by a person with basic face painting ideas in his or her mind. This will speed up the process of face painting and children will not have to wait for a long period of time, thus, maximizing the use of face paint materials. 

Face painting is perfect for birthdays, parties and other occasions that boys and girls alike would surely enjoy. 


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