Fake Tattoo

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Fake tattoos provide the solution to people who have long wanted to have a tattoo but couldn’t do so because of the pain involved when getting real tattoos.  By applying fake tattoos on their skin, tattoo lovers can now change the design in line with the recent trends and styles. Unlike before, having a tattoo is more or less permanent once placed on the skin.  

The old fashioned way of tattooing made use of indelible ink and was is inserted into the skin layers with the use of a needle to make a permanent tattoo impression. Today, you can get tattooed for no special reasons or you simply want to get tattooed to have a body design, for cosmetic purposes like eyebrows or eyelids. In fact, tattoos that signify membership to a particular organization can be a source of pride and honor because you bear the mark of membership. 

In fake tattoos, some of the common ingredients include different acrylic polymer substances, resins, minerals, and artificial colors which should bear FDA approval to make sure they are totally safe for use as tattoo, whether as fake tattoo or for traditional tattoo application. Sellers of fake tattoos have different designs to offer and can even customize them according to customer’s specifications. 

How to Use a Fake Tattoo?

1. A fake tattoo is merely applied on pre-cleaned surface of the skin by pressing the tattoo image attached to a dampened paper backing onto the desired location of the skin for about 30 seconds. 

2. While pressing, place a water soaked paper towel over the paper backing to allow the image transfer from paper to skin.

3. Carefully lift the paper backing; if some of the image is still attached to the paper backing, just press it again and put more water on your paper towel when using it to press the tattoo. 

4. Wait for it to dry completely and can be washed off with a little soap and water to lessen the glisten of a newly applied tattoo. It’s now safe to wear even while swimming or taking a shower. 

5. To remove your fake tattoo, use baby oil or alcohol to scrub it off. You can now apply a new fake tattoo design by following the same procedure.  

The use of henna as fake tattoo normally lasts from days to months as the skin sheds depending on the application and aftercare. However, due care and precaution should be observed if using this type of fake tattoo. The use of fast-staining “black henna” is known to cause scarring and allergic reactions to some people. It would be better to try it on a small portion of the skin first and wait if there will be no rashes or other forms of allergic reactions appearing on your skin. 


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