Family Fitness

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Engaging the whole family members into a family fitness program is a good idea in order to stay fit and healthy. Normally, this could be done during weekends especially if both parents are working and the kids have to go to school during weekdays. A family fitness program does not necessarily mean that the family members have to enroll in gyms or fitness centers. There are lots of family fitness programs that can actually start at home. 

Start the family fitness program by planning a list of nutritious food during the week. This is to avoid the kids from becoming overweight. Fruits are good substitutes for junk food. Allow the kids to choose vegetables that they would like to eat during the week to eliminate any reasons for turning down the food. 

Once you have done this, try to look for an exercise routine that the whole family can participate in. You can hold a skipping rope contest and whoever gets the most number of clean jumps is the winner. You can have team competitions by playing basketball, volleyball, badminton and the likes in your lawn during weekends. Better yet, you can create your own family fitness program by rearranging furniture and other household items every now and then. 

A family fitness program will definitely improve the health of the whole family which is a very essential part of family life. Aside from that, family bonding is strengthened through family fitness program. Kids will have the chance to talk with their parents and vice versa, thereby building a strong relationship in addition to keeping the family fit and happy.   

The success or failure of a family fitness program depends on the parents. It is the duty of parents to set a good example to their children. Parents should encourage their children to exercise with them to stay fit. Also, they should limit the use of computer, gaming consoles and other electronic gadgets that will render their children stationary for most of the time. 

Staying healthy in the early years of life can be very rewarding in the end. With improved personal health habits, you can live longer without the known illnesses brought about by unhealthy lifestyles, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and others. You will reap the rewards of family life to the fullest. An old adage can be derived and modified to embody the purpose of having a family fitness program: “A family that plays together stays together.” 


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