Farm Equipment

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Making a farm reach its productivity level requires some help from different farm equipment. Gone are the days when farmers have to do things manually and hired extra hands in order to till and sow seeds in the soil. Modern technology provided farmers with tools and machineries to make their agricultural livelihood more productive through farm equipment. The faster the seeds are sown and grown the more farm products can be harvested. The more farm products are delivered, the more income a farm will generate.  

However tilling the agricultural land may have been easier by farm equipment but not without the costs of acquiring one just to speed up production and maximize the land. You will not be surprised to meet a famer who is enthusiastic not only in a single farm equipment but will also acquire the more expensive tractor. This will not be a revelation at all because tractors can cover broader areas and can plough, tow and mount smaller farm equipment. 

Farmers who could not afford to buy farm equipment resort to availing of loans that could enable them to buy the more modern farm equipment. Otherwise, their produce will remain low and slow and the market will be monopolized by those who have greater capacity to supply farm products. However, an interest has to be paid based on the amount financed. This then will add to the farmer’s burden because they still need to buy other farm essentials such as seeds, fertilizers, pest controllers and other materials. The larger farms with larger farm equipment have already filled up the quota needed and the farmer must find another outlet where they could sell their produce. Otherwise, the bank loan will not be met and the interest will bloat the small farmer’s obligations further.  

Some farmers learned from this; hence, they tried their luck on second-hand farm equipment. Although the cost may be a lot lower, the amount of maintenance is higher. Whatever increase in produce they realized only went to the cost it took to maintain second-hand farm equipment. Perhaps, these are the reasons why most of the small farmers shifted in their line of work. They cannot afford to earn much because of the amount involved in making their farm more productive. Besides, the basic farm equipment needed is for planting, soil cultivation, fertilizers and harvesting. Increasing their production but with stiffer competition and additional cost to burden their production is hardly profitable on the part of the small farmers.    

Farming was once a profitable business in our country and was at one point in time reliant in the sweat and hard work involved in tilling the soil. However, farming industry became a one sided competition wherein only those who had enough resources to invest in expensive farm equipment, emerged as main suppliers of farm produce because of their capacity. The sad part is, the success of the moneyed and the few caused the continuous decline of small farms. 

Unemployment became a major problem since small farm industries could no longer afford to compete with the big players. The big players on the other hand have no use for too much manual labor because advancement in technology provided them an alternative to manpower.  Perhaps the rest of the world sees this, perhaps not; but the advent of technology had more negative impact. One major environmental problem is that agricultural land has been overused and is now considered as unyielding and depleted.  


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