Fashion And Beauty

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Being fashion and beauty conscious means the desire to look elegant and good looking whenever we go out with our friends and partners. However, obsession over fashion and beauty can be disastrous and can lead to becoming awkward and losing one’s self-esteem in the process. To avoid this pitfall, here are some fashion and beauty dos and don’ts to take into consideration:

Dos in fashion and beauty:

1. Purchase clothes that are suitable and appropriate for your lifestyle. 

2. Invest in a great pair of shoes that can make any outfit look fabulous although they can cost more. Preferably, you can even use them when wearing jeans.

3. Before buying anything for fashion and beauty’s sake, make an inventory list of the things you already have so that impulse buying will be avoided. Better yet, make an inventory at the start of every season so that you already know what to buy.

4. Buy fashion and beauty items which can be considered as customary such as sunglasses, bags, sweater, pants, socks, and belts in contemporary styles that will not be outmoded.

5. Wear only comfortable undergarments to make you feel good both inside and out of your fashion and beauty statement.

Don’ts in fashion and beauty:

1. Make it a point not to buy fashion and beauty clothes with a companion who can influence your decisions. His or her ideas in buying may distort your idea of what is appropriate for you. What may look fashionable to others does not necessarily mean it will be the same for you.  

2. When you’re out to look for a cocktail dress, don’t forget to bring the shoes you will be matching it with. This is to get a correct match for proper style and color as well as any length alterations that may be required. The shoes that you intend to wear should keep you comfortable at all times.

3. Do not buy things that you do not need since they will only add up to your closet collection. Impulse buying can sometimes be unavoidable especially if the goods are on sale. After purchasing, you might not even have the chance or proper occasion to wear them in.  

There is no harm in being fashionable and be fashion and beauty conscious.  Remember fashion and beauty styles often come around again or easily change. For that matter, keep your fashion and beauty sense in balance or you’ll keep on chasing at trend after trends.  

If you can’t help it, make a compromise by buying only things that are within your budget. You can get good and affordable designer clothes from online Internet stores. Seek for your fashion and beauty ideas in thrift stores and feel good that the store can offer you wide selections of clothes at low discounted prices. 


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