Improvement Of Fashion And Technology

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Fashion and technology combined have improved considerably if compared from their humble beginnings. There was a time when fashion designers used drawing boards, papers and pencils to conceptualize their ideas. Today, fashion and technology means creating fashion designs using certain software. This technological advancement related to fashion can make the work of fashion designers more efficient and effective. There are illustrations, layouts, color management systems, 3D visuals and virtual fitting software created especially for fashion. With all of these features, fashion designers are now capable of creating designs that can be seen in better perspective through the computer before actual production is launched. Any flaws noted in the design can be easily corrected by using computer technology. 

To make fashion and technology more interesting, online shoppers are treated to a different level by some online stores. Online shoppers can virtually see how the latest clothing line will look on them provided they submit their vital statistics to the online store via the Internet. From there, these customers will have the chance to virtually choose other product lines made possible through fashion and technology. 

Consumers will be able to see if the outfits they intend to purchase will suit them. The same is true for made-to-order garments. Customers have the options to choose different measurements as they see them before the garment is sewn. Wasted time and other expenses are avoided because they no longer have to travel to the fashion stores. Fashion establishments consider this as a major marketing breakthrough since they can serve more satisfied customers which equates to higher sales. 

Fashion and technology were combined by some companies to become a unified product. The initial result of the combination of fashion and technology is high-tech clothing. Some of these new inventions are clothing lines that can make you feel warmer and more comfortable during winter season. They can be stain and water-repellent fabric, anti-bacterial textiles, iron-free clothes similar to the ones used by astronauts and a lot more. 

Others may not be aware of this but some outdoor and sportswear products are currently made of materials that astronauts use in outer space. Internal cooling systems are already incorporated to make the users feel more comfortable. In like manner, computer software used in fashion and technology allows room for improvement of fabric colors through the proper color management system. The color management system has the capability to present the fabric’s actual color accurately before the garment is sewn. The equipment being used in the color management system has the capacity to manipulate and match the colors in relation to the garment. 

There will be more innovative products to come in the near future due to the merging of fashion and technology. More companies will surely put more money in fashion and technology in order to be productive and profitable. Technology moves at a fast rate and companies who will be left behind will have to contend in selling only traditional products. 


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