Definition of Success

The definition of success may vary with every individual. There are different definitions of success and can be associated to several factors. In fact it always depends on the values of the individual.  A person may equate success by having substantial amounts of money; others define it as having a good family life, while still others find success and fulfillment in serving God above everything else. 

The definition of success depends upon one’s perspective in life. As individuals, humans are different in their thoughts and wants in this world. However, it is better to carefully establish your definition of success in order to recognize it once you have achieved it. 

When you were still a child, your definition of success back then could be measured by the number of friends you had. Your friends were one of your precious possessions. Staying in the good graces of your parents and teachers, getting good grades in school plus the fun times spent with your friends were already considered your definition of success.   

While growing up, your definition of success started to change because you became more ambitious. You tend to think more of your future. Your financial needs increased making you a career-driven individual in order to rise higher and achieve financial gains. You became more focused on how to accumulate wealth in order to have a bigger house and buy the things you wanted. This is quite normal in every human being. 

If you become lucky and make the right decisions you can achieve all these things. Afterwards your attention will now focus on building your own family with whom you can share the financial success you attained. Your own family will then be your inspiration in molding your definition of success.  

On the other hand, if you are less ambitious or aggressive the definition of success is always easier to achieve. Often you are less concerned with financial rewards and will find joy and happiness by simply enjoying the presence and companionship of your family. Simple things can make you happy hence making it easy to define and realize your definition of success. This is part of human nature and the cycle of life. Not all are blessed to become President of a certain company. Otherwise, there will be no more workers who will do the jobs in order for the company to be productive.  

However, there is one thing you should keep in mind, “there’s always a price to pay for success”. 

As long as you know your definition of success, achieving it is not that hard. If this is not carefully defined within you, there is no way that you will be able to attain it. Life is short and only you can make your own destiny. Spend all your time and effort only in worthwhile activities. If you are not financially successful in your life, you should value other things you possess which even the moneyed do not have. A loving and devoted wife, obedient and well-mannered children as well as other families and friends whose companies you enjoy are some of the thing that money cannot buy which you are lucky enough to have. 

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