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Wearing diamond jewelry is a fascination among many women. They feel that by wearing them, the diamond jewelry can give others the impression that the wearer belongs to the higher level of society. Hence, you will often see most women wearing them for social functions such as weddings, celebrations, and the likes. Diamond jewelry can represent both femininity and masculinity that is why the wearing of diamond jewelry in some men can be seen as studs embedded in their earlobes.  

Diamond jewelry encased in 14 carat gold is presently the present fashion statement. They are worn by women to complement both their formal and informal attires in every occasion. Wearing diamond jewelry brings out style and elegance not ordinarily found in other pieces of jewelry. Due to its extraordinary optical characteristics, women even from long ago up to the present consider diamond jewelry as the ultimate in jewelries.  

In fact, the desire to wear diamond jewelry in almost every woman is always present. Aside from the status symbol that diamond jewelry represents, diamond blends well with other metals such as platinum, gold, silver, etc. Aside from that, diamond is the hardest known natural mineral; hence, it is not prone to damages. In the effort to reach middle-income group people who also want to own diamond jewelry, new designs and collections are being launched by jewelry designers to penetrate the market. This will further increase the demand for diamond studded jewelry designs as a good way of boosting income in the jewelry industry.

Jewelry designers have a lot to offer, like diamond bangles, diamond rings, diamond anklets, diamond earrings, diamond armlets, diamond nose rings, diamond bracelets, diamond pendants including diamond studded mouth grills. The result is that more and more men are getting attracted in owning a piece of diamond jewelry. They are also clamoring for diamond studded watches as this is the latest trend in fashion for diamond accessories.

Modern jewelry designers are currently into blending diamond with platinum and 18 carat gold to make it more attractive to the buyers. With the growing popularity of platinum and white gold as being more durable and tough, these are now the fashion combination that is presently in demand for men and women alike.    

Buy diamond for your loved ones only from reputable sellers. Although popular name brands of diamond jewelry abound in the market, you might end up paying more if you are not skilled enough to know the true value of the diamond you are buying. The true test of value for diamonds is based on its carat, color, cut and clarity. 

However, to the untrained eye, this is nothing but the characteristic of a diamond. Seeking the assistance of diamond jewelry expert in determining its true value is a good idea, especially if a large sum of money is involved. 


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