Dinner Theater

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If you haven’t been to a dinner theater for entertainment, there aren’t any more theaters around that still have it. Dinner theater is just like dining in a restaurant and where meals will be served before or after watching a stage play or a concert. Experiencing a dinner theater, can leave you with a different kind of feeling since you have been fully satisfied with what you ate and what you’ve seen.  

 A dinner theater is not at all a combination of dinner and watching plays. In some cases, people go to dinner theater just to watch the play without the dinner. They buy the ticket for just the play since they are only interested in watching. This is acceptable to most dinner theater organizers. 

Dinner theater reached the peak of its popularity during the 1970s and it catered mostly to local audiences. In the 1980s, its popularity waned as celebrity performers found the engagements as not at all worth what they were being paid for. The mid-1980s became the turning point for the closure of a lot of dinner theaters. Celebrities were more inclined to do a commercial than perform in theaters. Price was the main consideration since they earned more for doing a commercial in a single day than performing the entire run of the show. Another factor was that these celebrities do not have to travel just to earn more income. To date, dinner theaters are still trying to recover from this slump.

Nevertheless, areas like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Missouri and Brandon established specialty dinner theaters targeting mostly tourists. Since their customers are mostly tourists the featured show will run for an extended period of time.  

In Georgia and Florida, there are dinner theaters intended for kids as a way of introducing them to stage entertainment. The shows require the participation of audiences so that kids will feel that they are part of the entertainment. There are varied shows to choose from, especially created for kids such as medieval times, pirate’s adventure, magic and a lot more.

Stage plays have lost its charm in this day of technological advancement. There are many sorts of entertainment that can be easily obtained right in the convenience of every home. There is the television, DVD, MP4 and others visual entertainment without having to go the distance. Nevertheless, it’s also a good idea to orient our children to the previous forms of entertainment to let them have a taste of what entertainment was like before. 


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