Benefits Of Green Tea With The Women's Beauty

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This article will give the girls a few benefits of green tea in beauty, with its antioxidant and anti aging, green tea will give a beautiful and healthy skin. Surprising due to the benefits of it, More and more experts in nutrition and beauty care who encouraging the use of green tea. It has been demonstrated that the consumption of green tea can stimulate the metabolic process, which is essential in weight loss. It helps increase fat oxidation and energy supply for the body. Drink one cup of green tea each day will help burn 80 calories.

Skin care experts also found that green tea has special effect on the skin, especially those with eczema or acne. In the case of people with eczema, green tea acts as a moisturizer – with antioxidant function 20 times stronger than vitamin E. Drinking green tea regularly may be considered as a therapy to help reduce the symptoms of eczema. Some people believe that drinking just three cups a day is enough to get satisfactory results. Green tea is also very good in the prevention and fight acne – this herbal therapy better than other chemicals. You can find some kind of cosmetic extracts from green tea, but most were more mixed different chemicals, so use it directly as a safe and simple solution.

Used as a skin mask:
It is said that this miracle drink more antioxidants than any other skin care products which containing chemicals and vitamins E, C and A. It can be used as a skin mask, which helps release toxins from your skin surface. Following formula delivers amazing results:
– Mix one teaspoon of tea leaves you with 3 teaspoons of mayonnaise, apply on face and leave for 20 minutes, wash and pat your face until it dries.
– Boil a cup of green tea then to cool, and use it as the final rinse water to the skin. You can also give a little green tea to your bath milk, it will be resistant to aging.

Protect your teeth with green tea:
Do not spend money in mouthwashes and toothpaste. Green tea is the natural fluoride that helps protect you against different toxins. It keeps your body fresh, so you should drink it regularly.

Reduce stress:
Also, drinking green tea is also the easiest way to deal with headaches, simply boil a cup of tea, do not add sugar, and antioxidants will gradually relieve your pain. Drink hot because the heat will help you get rid of stress.

And finally, kill bacteria:
Soak toenails and fingernails in tea for 20 minutes, it will help eliminate bacteria and stimulates nail growth.


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