Drug Tests

Nowadays, drug abuse is still very common and can be expected from all sectors of the society and not just in the dark alleys or red light districts.  Companies, schools, and other establishments issue mandatory or random drug tests as a way of guarding themselves against possible existence of drug abuse in their system. Since there are a lot of drugs and substances being abused these days, the drug tests also vary in order to keep up with the substances.  Here are some of the most common drug tests including their advantages and disadvantages.

Urine test – this is one of the easiest drug tests available.  There is very minimal error in terms of the test results. However, urine samples would need supervision or strict measures so that the samples will not be contaminated.  If a urine sample is contaminated with household substances like vinegar or even lye used as cleaning material, it can have very misleading results. Drug tests like this will need extensive security measures so that the specimens will not be tampered while in the lab.

Hair follicle drug tests – this is one of the drug tests that is very reliable.  It can detect up to three months of previous drug usage.  This is because hair grows half an inch each month and can show a lot of history even with only one and a half inches of hair for a specimen.  The hair can show residues of the recent chemicals taken in and still present in a person’s body.  Another positive thing about it is that the specimens can never be contaminated while the collection of samples will not be embarrassing for the subjects.

Saliva drug tests – this is also a great way to test for drug abuse.  The samples for the test will be taken under the direct observation of the person administering the drug test.  The units of specimen have a vey small possibility of being tampered.   It can easily detect recent alcohol and drug use within a 24-hour period.  Another positive trait of this test is that the specimen can be taken in any environment as long as the administering officer is present.

These are only some of the most common drug tests available today although there are other types of tests on hand.  Some tests even combine two or more drug tests to ensure the accuracy of the results. Drug tests are always kept confidential.  In any instance that the test will show positive results for illegal drug use, the tested subject will be reached for verification.  Some tests may still give wrong readings under different circumstances which is one of the reasons why the matter of getting in touch with the person affected should be done with utmost confidentiality. The aim is to get new specimens for a different test to confirm or to disprove the readings of the first test before any judgments can be made. 

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