Lovely Early American Furniture

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Early American furniture is characterized by its simple designs.  The simple flow of lines from one part of the furniture to the other is what gives the early American furniture its significant features.  There is very little or no ornaments on the furniture at all.  The simplicity is what makes it unique.

Early American furniture styles will go well with any kind of interior design theme.  For those looking for some early American furniture designs, here are a few examples that will go well in any environment:

Low Boy table – this table is meant to accentuate a room or an empty space in the house.  It looks a lot like a coffee table.  Its main difference with a coffee table is that it is significantly higher. Its use is not only decorative but for functional purposes as well. There are drawers that can be used to keep small items or some paperwork like letters, bills or a few stationery supplies.  Most of the time, real vintage early American furniture like the Low Boy is made from cherry wood.

Windsor chair – the Windsor chair is one of the most easily recognized forms of early American furniture.  These pieces of furniture are easy to find in antique shops and auctions.  In case the prices are not within your budget, you can always get some early American furniture designs like the Windsor chair from furniture manufacturers.  They make good reproductions of these chairs.  This is one way of making sure that you’ll get a great looking piece of furniture without the minor damages that you may see from auctioned items or antiques.

Shaker chest – these are not just your regular storage pieces.  The Shaker chest is one of the well loved early American furniture pieces.  Consisting of long storage pieces, they make great additions to the bedroom and at the same time provide storage for clothes and other personal effects.  Plus, the top surface presents a good space to put on display some exotic or ethnic decorative ornaments or even just as a place to lay a stereo or a bedside alarm.

Early American furniture is definitely  great addition to any room.  The lines are simple, making it very easy to accommodate them in any room.  In case that the originals or the antiques are very hard to come by or afford, you can always opt for the reproductions.  Most of the time, the quality is exceptional and the durability is also superb. 


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