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The EasyShare file hosting system is all about easy sharing and uploading of your files and at the same time earn by sharing and promoting them . You can upload as many files as you want, organize them and share them with other people. In case you’re interested in downloading files shared by other members, you can download for free but with certain limitations. However, as a Premium Member your download privileges have better options.  

The first step to take is to register as a member. You can start with the free membership and upgrade later on as a Premium member. As a paying member, you can easily download files shared at Easy Share free of charge faster and without limit. As opposed to the non-paying member whose download limit is maintained at 200MB per hour. In addition, in case your download fails while being processed, you simply choose to resume the session and your download will proceed with where it left off. However, as a non-paying member, your access to the Easy Share system is limited; you will have to re-start with the download processing.  

You can upload messages, images, photos or videos provided they are not in anyway illegal and should not contain obscene or lewd contents. It is also important that the files you share are yours and not copyrighted material obtained from another website. The Easy Share administrator will remove it once they have reason to believe that you have uploaded infringed web page content. As a free member, you will have to access your files often; otherwise, Easy Share will delete free accounts without any activity for ninety days. This is to allow Easy Share to free spaces in their file hosting system to allow other interested users whether as free member or as a Premium Member.       

Once your file is uploaded, you will be provided with URLs you can use to access, to share, promote or delete your files. All files uploaded will be treated confidentially and will not be opened as part of Easy Share’s search results or directory. However, make sure you don’t just share your download links to just anyone, since Easy Share will not take responsibility for any unauthorized downloads of your file.   

You can have the choice of uploading either through Easy Share’s uploading system, or direct from your own computer using any ftp program. In case you will be uploading files coming from RapidShare or Megaupload, you have to register as a Premium Member first and your own dedicated link will be provided via the Easy Share system. 

The nice thing about Easy Share filing is that it will reward you in case a third party will download any of your files.  You will earn ePoints which will depend according to the location of the person who will be downloading your file. Points accumulated can either be used to earn you a Premium membership or can be converted at $1 for every 1,000 points. In order to earn, you will have to promote your uploaded file using your file’s URL. Only those that you will grant access to your Download URL can proceed with the download process. Easy Share will monitor files downloaded by third parties, including the location of the party granted access to your file, before deciding whether the download is qualified to earn ePoints. 


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