Entertainment-The Negative Effects

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Entertainment is any form of diversion that can sustain the attention of a viewer or an active participant, which can bring about emotional and/or intellectual satisfaction. Entertainment can come in various forms and activities and can be passive or active. It may be occasional or a regular activity or a permanent feature of a household. 

It can bring about positive attributes, although sad to say, the state of entertainment today has more negativity on how it has affected the younger members of the family. The latest statistics have been gathered as to what the majority of American household use as their form of entertainment. Here are some of the most interesting facts:

· Almost of 73% of every American household own at least one gaming device which the family members use as their form of entertainment. Gaming devices can be in the form of consoles or handheld electronic gadgets while at least 40% of these households use 7th generation gaming consoles. 

· The top gaming consoles that rank high as form of household entertainment is the Xbox 360, PS 2 ranks second and Nintendo Wii ranks third as far as the majority of American homes is concerned. What’s even more interesting is that 45% of the active gamers belong to the female users, wherein 49% of these women use a Nintendo Wii and the 51% use a PSP.       

– As far as televisions are concerned, 114.9 million homes in the US have at least one TV set while 47.4 million of these sets are High Definition (HD) capable. 

The Fascination over Televisions

Televisions came before gaming consoles. It was America’s most favoured form of entertainment. It took several decades before television was perfected and it was only after World War II, that television broadcasting arrived in the American household. Although initially affordable only to the affluent, years of development and manufacturing competition made the TV affordable. In 1962, statistics showed that 90% of American homes had a televisions set.

At first, American families had to contend with a very limited programming and several reruns; yet it did not hold back their fascination.  The advent of commercially sponsored programs made the television the ultimate source of entertainment where shows ranged from soap operas, to situation comedies, police dramas, news, musicals and most of all children’s shows. Back then, the television became a useful medium for early childhood learning. 

The television set paved the way for other forms of entertainment from home video viewing to the present day’s home movie theatres and as the viewing monitor for game consoles. 

The Negative Effects of Video Games and Gaming Devices

Reading as the main form of entertainment before the advent of television had been relegated to the background for quite some time now. Television somehow lessened the intellectual development of the succeeding generations and caused the downgrading of the younger generation’s literacy. The American home saw children left in the care of babysitters, hence, children were allowed to spend more time in front of televisions and gaming consoles. Playing video games became the main activity because it virtually provided the thrills and experiences they cannot get in other forms of recreation like sports and other outdoor activities. 


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