Chai Tea

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Chai is becoming popular nowadays among Westerners.  This kind of spice milk tea originated from India many, many years ago and is now available in almost all coffee shops and tea houses.  Chai is known to have many health benefits.  Traditionally, it can be produced by getting some chai leaves, boil it, put some milk, sugar or honey and some spices.  The spices make it more special and you can choose from a wide variety depending on your taste.  Chai is more preferred in India than coffee and there are actually a number of variations of the tea itself.  The chai tea can be served either hot or cold all year round.  You can even find in grocery stores instant chai packs wherein you only have to add milk, but if you are lactose intolerant, you can use soy milk.  For those who are very conscious of their calorie intakes, there are also low-fat chai teas available in the market.

Below is the usual step in making chai tea:

1.Boil water;

2.Add sugar or honey or molasses;

3.Add spices, such as saffron, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cocoa, vanilla, etc.;

4.Add the tea leaves; 

5.Pour milk, soy milk or creamer; and

6.Strain and you’re ready to serve.


The tea will even taste better if you keep the leaves soaked in the water for a longer time, but not too long for it will make the tea taste bitter.  If you think you can’t follow the instructions above, you can just simply get an instant chai tea and just add some milk.  It is not as time consuming as compared to doing it manually.  You can even find a chai tea online, particularly at where they offer Indian tea recipes.


If you really want to find tea that will satisfy your taste, you can always search in the Internet.  There are several sites that feature different kinds of tea recipes.  The shows a variety of teas that can be found in many countries, which includes the chai tea, its ingredients and the procedures on how to make one.  If you want a tea that still possesses a traditional taste, try the Chandra Chai Moon tea.  You may also try the Romantic Chai tea if you want something that is quick to serve.  Starbucks also offers chai and it is known to be the Tazo Chai Tea Latte.  It is a mixture of black tea, milk, spices and vanilla.  The Tazo tea can also be found in their website 


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