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Comcast a company which started as a mere single-system provider of cable services in 1963 went on to be come one of the world’s leading companies in communications industry up to the present. They provide the most reliable digital services, Internet services and broadband phone services.   

Currently there are about 23.8 million Comcast cable users, 15.7 million Internet customers and 7.4 million Digital Voice customers in the US alone. The company is considered as the top provider of videos and holds the reputation for having the utmost in high-definition, the best content and the highest on demand videos. Their Internet boasts of high speed services using highly advanced fiber-optic facilities ensuring online accessibility at the fastest speed and highest level of reliability. 

In telecommunications, Comcast the company is sought after for its IP-enabled home phone service called Digital Voice. It’s a traditional phone service integrated with high technology features linked to Comcast’s Internet and other digital communications services. In fact, Comcast’s High Speed 2Go can provide the wireless Internet with the most remarkable speed using wireless data services and wireless data cards.    

Comcast not only tops video and communications services but its programs are also the one of the topraters. Its programs include E! Entertainment Television, Style Network, Comcast Sport Group, Golf Channel and TV One just to mention a few.           

Through Comcast Digital Cable, the highly acclaimed Mini TV Series by HBO, Band of Brothers will be having a sequel with no less than Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg at the helm. The sequel’s title is The Pacific, which showcases another of Comcast Video on Demand’s quest for bringing only the best video content. In cooperation with HBO, The Pacific will be available exclusively to Comcast customers only starting with one new episode of Band of Brothers featured weekly. It will lead to the premiere telecast of The Pacific.     

Comcast remains as one of the top favourites in bringing video with the utmost excellence in using 3D technology. They are also committed in ensuring excellence by being the only video service provider among the top 3D brands in video production.   

Comcast’s most recent innovation is the new Fancast Xfinity TV which intends to bring to Comcast customers TV entertainment, anytime and anywhere viewers need the experience. Online TV will bring to its customers hours of cable TV viewing whether it be TV shows, film videos or indie produced films.      

Comcast still continues to lead not only cable broadcasting but also in communications. No wonder the company is still held in high esteem by its millions of viewers and customers.


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