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A Contemporary Art is something often mistaken as sharing the same time period as Modern Art. In fact at times, others may mean Contemporary Art yet refer to it as a Modern Art. In a way true, but if one is to be more defined in distinguishing art work as contemporary or modern, there is a time line you could use as guide. 

Modern Art was the term used when artists initially made a move to break away from the traditional. Art before had to have a definite shape and form and artists who wanted to break away from art norms, held back because their art was still dependent on how society would see it. It is said that it wasn’t up until the 1960s that Modern Art really emerged as a statement and became more defined as to what Modern Art is all about. 

Modern Art had its prominence form 60s up to the 70s when artists attained full freedom to express their ideas in any form whatsoever, abstract or psychedelic yet without being accused of being demented. The simple act of splattering a can of paint against canvass and the interplay of dripping and bleeding colors became regarded as art and in fact became appreciated.

Depiction of modern life, like busy market places or an old can corroding in some corner of the garden became subjects. Until it was clear that Modern Art does not have to conform to what the society think is beautiful but the other way around. Modern Art meant the ability of an artist to see beauty where others could not and present them as art works so others can see the beauty that he sees in his subjects.

Contemporary Art overlaps Modern Art, since its concept no longer dwells on how and what to express as art ideas. Basically, Contemporary Art begins where Modern Art began. It means ideas that were presented usually in Modern Art forms up to the present form including Digital Art. Contemporary Art is all about what is current and may also include those with utilitarian value without any restriction in its theme or subject matter.  

Contemporary Art finds much of its definitions applicable in different cultures where ethnic or tribal arts are fused with what is current and global. Indian art for example has its influence traced back to Greek art, where forms of deity are the known subjects and human forms were inclined to take on erotic poses. As India gained its independence and became more active in participating globally, Indian Contemporary Art also developed into something modern by freely expressing what is being presented by their Western counterparts but with Indian flare and sense of artistry.   

Contemporary Wildlife Art

What is current today is environmental awareness. Wildlife and its habitat seem to be the first affected with what is presently happening. Natural habitats have become affected either by man’s misuse and abuse or by the natural effects of global climate change. The endangered wildlife is a contemporary issue hence it is but natural that contemporary artists find it compelling to capture them in art form before they are totally obliterated and become forgotten. 

Contemporary Wildlife Art is inspired by adventures in wilderness where the beauty of ferocity with vulnerability to what is currently happening around them, can inspire a contemporary artist. Whereas elephants in traditional and cultural arts were presented in more symbolic forms, Contemporary Wildlife Art paintings have touching images of elephant wildlife and the problems that beset them. 

One such Contemporary Wildlife Art painting depicts a mother elephant pushing her young ones back to the herd, lest an adventurous calf will stray and find itself in areas where they are no longer protected. The maternal concern of the adult elephant is so vivid that the painting can tell a story by itself. The mother elephant is well aware of the danger of poachers lurking behind their preservation areas and she has to account for the entire herd to make sure they will not fall prey.  

Contemporary Wire Art Jewelry

Contemporary Wire Art Jewellery is no longer about jewelry that is flashy and heavy, solid, banded and etched while the gemstones do not call for multi faceted rare stones that has to go through the detrimental effects of mining technology. This form of jewelry takes the sterling silver wires or gold filaments intertwined to come up with delicate and intricate designs that make jewel crafts even more durable and studier. 

Gemstones are natural earth finds of natural stones or quartz materials that will merely require polishing and none of the chemical treatments. Custom jewelry as finer works of contemporary art is one that can be practically worn and at the same time adorn its wearer with efficiency.  Today, there is no longer the need for jewelry to be blindingly expensive. Contemporary Wire Art Jewellery has provided jewelry accessories in practical yet elegant designs that are not only wearable but also affordable. 

Contemporary Abstract Art

Contemporary Abstract Art is no longer about communicating and expressing in abstract forms and symbols but also using wide variety of textures from objects that fascinate the artist. Patterns from hues and natural shapes are created and combined to form patterns and designs that only the artists mind could have imagined. The challenge is to rise from the flatness of the canvass material by incorporating mixtures of clay dust, sand, acrylic or polymer beads. It has that tendency to move you in satisfying not only your sense of sight but also your sense of touch as well.   

The Significance of Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art is about being less cost intensive and will in fact include recycling wastes into breathtaking works of art. It is also about letting youth discover their own potentials as artists themselves by letting them participate in interactive projects at museums. One example would be how “surrealist” as an art form is explained. Surrealism is about creating art out of imagination, inspired by dreams, fears or just the play of ideas expressed in art form. 

A group of children will be given a piece of paper to pass around where a single theme or topic will be given features contributed by each child. After each child has given his or her contribution, the whole concept of the topic as visualized by the group of children will be created by individual drawings. Each child shall draw the concept based on what was visualized b the whole group. 

In a nutshell, Contemporary Art is broad as it encompasses all forms of modern art. The essence of Contemporary Art is more on art expression according to how life is being lived in the present and how the future is visualized using different materials, traditional, indigenous or recycled. 

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