Crabtree And Evelyn

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More and more skin care product companies are going organic and one of the first companies that started this trend is Crabtree and Evelyn. A small family business named Crabtree and Evelyn was founded by Cylus Harvey in 1972. From its humble beginnings, it grew into an international company known for its fine soaps with unique and original scents. 

The company’s famous product lines include gourmet foods, lavish toiletries and gift items for stylish lifestyles. Every Crabtree and Evelyn product come from plant extracts, fruits and flowers which made all their products highly patronized. Crabtree and Evelyn product lines are dedicated to make the day- to- day grooming rituals pleasurable experiences.

Examples of the products produced by Crabtree and Evelyn include skin care items for oily, dry and normal skins, using only natural and pure ingredients. These ingredients are said to make your feet, face, hands, and body retain its natural moisture to help maintain a younger looking skin. The so-called Ph imbalance can be avoided since only natural and pure ingredients are being used. This is in lieu of the synthetic ingredients used by other manufacturers. In fact, a variety of their hands and feet creams use soy and seaweed to prevent dryness or chafing while another hand cream variation makes use of shea butter and algae extract. Plus other variations of foot cream that contains peppermint oil and spirulina. 

These are only some of the natural and pure ingredients being used by Crabtree and Evelyn. Their different types of bar soaps have cranberry, cocoa butter, mango, nutmeg, butter, green tea and cardamom as ingredients. The liquid soaps compete fairly well with the use of jojoba oil, cucumber, Aloe Vera, sage and citrus.   

Aside from these products, Crabtree and Evelyn is into body wash, shower gels, facial cleansers, exfoliating cleanser, body mist, eau de toilette, eau de parfum and a lot more. The body wash and gels make use of sandalwood, lavender, sugarcane, mint, lemongrass and different herbs which are all effective in keeping the skin elastic and supple. To remove impurities coming from excessive oil and makeup, their exfoliating cleanser and cleansing soaps have crushed bamboo and alpine extracts effectively used as facial scrubs around the delicate areas of the face.

If you think that the products of Crabtree and Evelyn are only for women, you will be surprised to know that they also have natural shaving balm and cream for men. Their shaving balm contains bamboo, ginger and citron to prevent skin irritation caused by shaving. Similarly, their almond oil-based shaving cream packaged as a shaving gift set comes complete with razor and brush. 

The diversity of the product lines carried by Crabtree and Evelyn include manicure and pedicure tools, hair brushes, sea sponge and other beauty related accessories. The manicure tools set have tweezers, a pair of scissors, cuticle sticks, nail clippers and nail file practically packaged in an attractive bag. The same can be said about the pedicure tools set which include nail brush, foot file and toe separators. Crabtree and Evelyn’s hair brushes are excellently crafted with a frame and wood handles while the bristles are naturally soft.      

You can’t go wrong with the products of Crabtree and Evelyn if you’re considering them as gift ideas. Everything about the products is a representation of beauty and the goodness of nature. 


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