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There is a company called Creative Memories devoted to providing people with photo-safe products which use only state of the art technology. The company believes that the art of scrap booking is a way of preserving every person’s story. An organized system of keeping your digital photos and mementos is the best way to share memories with one another especially with the advent of online socializing. 

The company is also offering profitable career opportunities to those who want to work in their capacity as Consultants by imparting the values and expertise on how one can create his or her own photo book. Through the use of Creative Memories’ Storybook Creator Software, a person can learn the art of capturing his memories with the use of a PC that will help him create a professionally produced photo book. A Creative Memories Consultant will guide each customer in the use of every software and tools available. The Memory Manager, is a software that will take charge of automatically sorting, organizing and cross referencing all your digital photos.    

Creative Memories promise that you will get only the best tools for your photos and stories by seeing to it that the products that will be recommended are photo-safe, inspirational, exclusive and easy to use. Creative Memories consider your family photos as priceless hence, Consultants will be around to assist you in remembering every stories you have to share in your photo books, photo albums, scrapbooks or as decorations on your wall. Consultants of Creative Memories are highly trained to give you ideas, tips and encouragement in order to get it done to your full satisfaction. 

To make scrapbooking activities even more fun, there are Consultants who hold get-togethers where exchange of ideas as well as stories will give you more insights as to how the whole process can be done with the best results.     

Aside from that, Creative Memories have a Technology Center composed of highly trained staff and scientists that will guarantee that their photo-safety products are ISO 18902 compliant. Thus, consumers are assured that the products like the decorative papers are acid-free, bleed resistant and buffered with calcium carbonate thus ensuring the highest quality. Paper materials will not turn yellow, while the adhesives will stick permanently and can stand the test of time. You will be able to pass on your legacy to the forthcoming generations because they are created out of quality. 

The acid-free scrapbook and stickers of Creative Memories will retain the vibrancy of your photos even with the passing of time. Acid sometimes causes photos to lose its life hence the presence of calcium carbonate as buffer will surely protect your photo albums from acids found in the environment due to pollution.

Similarly, being bleed resistant will prevent ordinary pens from bleeding on the surrounding pages which tend to ruin the photos. In order to have better idea of what Creative Memories are selling, you may get in touch with one of their consultants and learn more about the traditional scrapbook, photo albums, organization tools for digital photos, celebration album kit, stickers that the company offers.        

With the products being sold by Creative Memories, customers are assured that what they are buying are quality products guaranteed to last several lifetimes. 


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