Dark Circles Under Eyes

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Everyone knows how dark circles under eyes can give your face that unpleasant gaunt look. In fact it is often associated with sickness. It can even be associated with poor mental health since you seem to be losing a lot of sleep over something. 

 Scientifically, the actual causes of dark circles under eyes are leaky capillaries. Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels and they are responsible for the blood circulation. They can be found in the lungs, skeletal muscles, pancreas, endocrine glands, kidney, delicate skin around our eyes and other parts of the human body. Being the smallest blood vessels, red blood cells sometimes encounter difficulties in passing through these capillaries. 

These red blood vessels become distressed in the surrounding skin but the body has a way to clean this mess. Substances called enzymes are responsible in breaking down red blood cells including the molecules that give the blood cells its red color. Dark circles under eyes occur when the hemoglobin or the substance that makes the blood red, is broken down and leaves a dark blue-black color similar to a bruise. Once the breakdown takes place in the areas around the eyes, dark circles under eyes become very noticeable.

Dark circles under eyes can be compared during instances when your body hits something. The blood vessels are in shock and in some cases ruptured. The blood will now leak in the surrounding skin and the natural body processes will begin with its cleaning using the enxzyme substances. The result on the skin’s outer surface will be blue-black or purple colored skin discoloration. Hence, dark circles under eyes are likened to bruises. 

The reason why dark circles under eyes are very noticeable is due to the thin skin composition around the eyes, thus, it is also very delicate. Dark circles under eyes are visible since the capillaries are positioned nearer to the skin surface. Also, some people have semi-transparent skin which makes dark circles under eyes very noticeable.    

Having dark circles under your eyes cannot be considered a medical problem since there are balms, gels and eye creams that are available in the market. However, if you are inclined to try natural home remedy, you can use tea bags. The caffeine in every tea bag can ease the inflammation by reducing the water that is present in tissues around the eyes. A used tea bag will do the trick. Make sure that it is already cold before placing it in the skin area for at least ten minutes and never get the tea into your eyes. You will notice a great improvement immediately after removing the tea bag. 

Another home remedy for dark circles under eyes is chamomile because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile teas are also widely available in the market.   

Nevertheless, in case you intend to use these home remedies, it is better to consult your doctor first. There may be other medical conditions that are not known to you and your doctor is in a better position to assess the situation. 


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