Graduation Gifts – Unique or Nice

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Spring is always season of celebration and passage and of course, gift giving. For Easter, there’s gift baskets filled with candy and chocolates. Mother’s day follows closely behind with gifts of flowers, cards, keepsakes and jewelry. Just when you think the gift giving celebrations are over, it seems that there’s a bundle of graduation gifts and wedding gifts waiting to be given.

Gift giving is a time-honored tradition that brings happiness and demonstrates ones willingness to share in the dreams and passions of others. If there’s any better way to express ones love, pride, respect, or admiration for another than giving a gift from the heart, no one has thought of it. All gifts mark a rite of passage, a remembrance, or some special occasion or another. Graduation gifts are especially important as they recognize the hard work and years of dedication to a single goal: Receiving recognition of one’s intellectual accomplishment.

It would be really difficult to buy any graduation gift that wouldn’t be appreciated and treasured for years to come, and there are as many different kinds of graduation gifts as there are graduates. Among the many customary graduation gifts that one can buy are two gifts that have become regarded as acceptable standards.

For $35.00 on Amazon there’s the Journey of Life Necklace, an attractively designed pendant made with two freshwater pearls and sterling silver discs. The pearls are intended to serve as a reminder for the graduate to follow their heart and dreams.

On the other side of the gift spectrum, and mostly for children, for less than $11.00 there’s the Dr. Seuss book “Oh the Places You’ll Go”. Some critics consider the book, written in the usual Seusian form, to be filled with pearls of wisdom, while other disagree. You be the judge. This book has become a customary gift for graduates at all levels, from middle-school to university. If nothing else, the book is testimony to the power of Seusian advice for life.

Of course, there are plenty of other gifts for your favorite graduate. The best gift is the gift of love, but it doesn’t hurt a thing to capture the moment with a special graduation gift given from the heart.


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