7 Ways to Rid Yourself of Snails Minus The Pesticides

  • Toads – Toads eat snails. Alot of snails and you and your children will enjoy these out door alternative pets.
  • Beer Stale beer works best. Use multiple shallow pans filled with the beer. Place the pans burried in the soil so the edge of the pan is accessable to the snails. Empty and repeat as needed.
  • Iron Phosphate – Scatter pellets containing iron phosphate around your plants. Iron phosphate not only will kill the snails, but also make your soil extra rich.
  • Coffee – You can directly spray coffee on the snails as well as use the used coffee grounds as a mulch around the plants to enrich your soil.
  • Copper – You can buy copper plant guards, the copper actaully shocks the snails. You can also wrap copper wire around your pots and plant base. We turned this idea into a art project with our kids and glued pennies on the pots rim and along the sides.
  • Fruit Rinds – Fruit rinds like lemon, grapefruit and orange don’t mix well with snails. Old leaves of lettuce can also be used if you do not have lemons, grapefruits or oranges.
  • Lightning Bugs – Lightning bug larva will eat snail eggs. Another great treat for the children and if you have any garden lights or exterior lights make sure to turn them off to promote the adult Lightning bugs reproduction, insuring more good bugs and less bad ones.

Some methods have yet to try but have hood good things about include using egg shells around your plants. The snails supposedily can’t get over them. Even the smallest pieces should work well as long as you put them closely together. Useing a board, plank or even a overturned pot will gather snails to it. They will hide there until evening, so if you go out right before dusk you should be able to collect them and dispose of them more easily.

Most of these things will work as well with slugs. The beer will work well and you can use a mixture of water and yeast. Slugs are attracted to the yeast and if you use a lid with small wholes cut in them the slugs will crawl in and drown.

Snail baits are toxic to all animals until it breaks down some weeks later. Always avoid useing them if you have children or pets. Salt isn’t recommended because it is not only harmful to your soil but can stunt plant growth and flowering.

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