You Are Accountable!

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Are You Accountable?

We have a Creator. He is the same God who created the entire Universe. Why do people doubt Him? Or, why do humans say He made this intricately designed world and then went off and left it on its own? Other humans deny Him by living lives contrary to His plans for their existence. Sometimes they know better, but often they are extremely deceived.

Yet, all people have the opportunity to make choices in the right directions–God’s way. Their Creator doesn’t hold them accountable for what they don’t understand, but He holds them accountable for what they had the oportunity to understand and refused to do so. God takes into consideration many factors in a person’s life–his age, background, etc. For example, a child is not as accountable as an adult. A heathen who has never seen a Bible and has no contact with missionaries is only accountable when he chooses to reject the voice of the Spirit speaking to His heart. While a person who has access to a Bible and possibly good sermons is accountable for how he allows these to influence his life.

Those who are most accountable are persons who influence others against the truth in the word of God and those who deceive others into believing falsehoods out of harmony with our Creator’s written word. The very chief deceiver is Lucifer or Satan, the fallen angel who deceived humans from the beginnign and also deceived 1/3 of the angels in heaven.

But our Creator became our Redeemer to lead us back to God’s plans for our lives. We don’t need to doubt Him anymore. His plans include our eternal happiness, if we will give our hearts entirely to Him and serve Him while on this earth. Those who have learned to KNOW their Creator and Redeemer are very aware there is no reason to doubt His love for them. They have ample proof of this love in their personal lives. If you get acquainted with Him in a personal way, you will know His plans for your life and His love for YOU. Remember, all humans who understand what they read and hear are accountable to God for what they do with it. Life is too short on this earth to waste it in doing things our own way when God has a much better way for us!


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