Basics of Good Nutrition

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Human being has known from time immemorial that consuming nutritious food is very important to stay healthy.  Consuming nutritious food should become a habit if you want to lead a healthy life.  

Basics of good nutrition

  • Add variety to your diet: If you observe the dietary habits of various cultures all over the world, one thing you notice is that they all have a variety of foods.  Human being in his wisdom, which has evolved over many centuries, has realized that one food cannot supply all the nutrition.  You have to ensure that there is variety in your diet, taking care that you are not eating too much of one type of food.   

  • Vegetarian diet is healthier: Human anatomy is designed in such a way that it can easily assimilate plant based food like fruits, grains, legumes and vegetables.  If you spend a little time studying the design of our teeth or the structure of our digestive system, this fact becomes evident.  And research has proved that it is good to have these in their natural form as far as possible.

  • Begin your day with a sumptuous breakfast: You should begin your day with a good breakfast containing carbohydrates and proteins.  Proteins build muscles and carbohydrates give energy.  

  • Keep eating throughout the day: You need to ensure that you eat every four hours, taking care that you do not eat in excess.  Ideally you should stop when you feel full.  Make sure that you are relaxed and happy while having your meal.  

  • Drink enough water: Most of the people, even people who are having food with good nutrition, forget to drink enough water.  There by they miss the benefit of consuming food with good nutrition.  You need to ensure that you are consuming at least ten “8-ounce” glasses of water every day.  Poor muscle tone, excess body fat and digestive complications are caused by not consuming enough water. 

  • Avoid these!: You have to avoid processed foods, artificially flavored drinks, aerated drinks, refined wheat products, refined sugar products, refined rice products, margarine and fried foods.  Repetitive consumption of these is sure to cause diseases.  Excess consumption of fats and oils increases the risk of heart diseases and cancer.  You need to consciously ensure that less than 30% of your daily calories are coming from fat.  You should also avoid excess of salt in your diet.  Milk and dairy products are not good.  It is found that they tend to form acid in the human body.  

  • Avoid alcohol: Alcohol should be avoided unless you are living in countries where temperatures are very low.  In such cases it becomes necessary to consume alcohol, but it should be in small quantities.  


It is always good to be natural and to eat when you are hungry instead of eating for the sake of taste and enjoyment.  By having food with good nutrition, by maintaining hygiene,  and by exercising regularly, you can enjoy good health and longer life.  


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