St.pierre Retains His Ufc Welterweight Championship AT Ufc 129

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Welcome to UFC 129 Geroges St-Pierre Vs. Jake Shields relults for the UFC Welterweight Title. UFC 129 is one of the better MMA cards which should bring fans of the UFC constant action throughout the night. Ben Henderson wins the first PPV fight with a unanimous decision over Mark Bocek.

Pay-Per-View Bouts at UFC 129 on April 30, 2011

Georges St-Pierre vs. Jake Shields for UFC welterweight title-St-Pierre retains his UFC Welterweight Championship

Round One-The two fighters shake hands before the fight begins, there is a ton of respect between these fighters. Georges St-Pierre has a 4 inch reach advantage over jake Shields, the fighters bow to each other in respect and touch gloves. Jake Shields kicks St-Pierre, but the kick is blocked, Shields gets a single leg, but St-Pierre keeps his balance. St-Pierre tries two back kicks and misses them both, St-Pierre lands a jab that puts Shields off balance, not many punches or kicks were landed in round one, even round or advantage to St-Pierre

Round Two-St-Pierre lands a couple of jabs and a very good right hand, Jake Shields looks confused. St-Pierre lands another good right and another decent right hand, Shields lands a weak kick to the body, Shields lands a body kick followed by a jab from St-Pierre. St-Pierre lands another good right hand, his reach advantage is hurting Shields. St-Pierre wins round two easily, Shields did little or nothing for two rounds.

Round Three-St-Pierre lands another good right and Jake Shields just stands in front of him, very odd. St-Pierre finally misses one of those wild right hands, Shields dances around looking for an opening. St-Pierre lands a good leg kick and a grazing right hand, Shields does nothing. Shields lands two weak body kicks, St-Pierre lands a leg kick. St-Pierre lands a reverse kick which lands weakly to the body of Shields. St-Pierre slams Jake Shields to the mat, Shields punches St-Pierre to the side of the head, another round for St-Pierre

Round Four-All of Shields punches and kicks are weak and he seems unsure of himself, St-Pierre lands a jab and misses a wild right. Shields is throwing more punches, but most of them are not landing. St-Pierre catches Shields with a kick to the head and knocks him to the mat, Shields gets back up. Shields wants St-Pierre to fight him, but I would like Shields to actually fight. It looks like St-Pierre is keeping his distance and using his reach. This may be why Shields is not able to do anything, Another round for St-Pierre. Shields did land one good punch in round four which made St-Pierre spit out blood at the end of the round

Round Five-St-Pierre lands another right and some jabs, Shields does not seem to be able to catch St-Pierre, shields tries a head kick, but it is blocked, Shields lands a right to the head and a jab to the face. St-Pierre seems intent to dance out the rest of the round. Shields gives St-Pierre a bloody face in round five, but the fight was boring. St-Pierre fought a technical fight which kept him away from the power of Shields. Shields landed some good punches in round five, but it was not enought to win the UFC Welterweight Championship belt. It is nice to see St-Pierre’s face messed up for once. What Shields landed really hurt the champions face. St-Pierre wins a mostly boring unanimous decision over Jake Shields to retain the UFC Welterweight championship. I believe in a rematch, Shields would win because he knows what St-Pierre’s gameplan is.

Jose Aldo vs. Mark Hominick for UFC featherweight title-Aldo retains the UFC featherweight title with a unanimous decision over Mark Hominick

Round One-Both fighters step into the ring ready to fight, a Canadian fighter vs. a Brazilian fighter. Uppercut by Jose Aldo, Hominick misses a couple of punches and gets kicked hard. Aldo lands another good kick and another. He lands a punch to the body, a kick and gets Hominick on the ground. Hominick is working for a submission from the bottom and Aldo is trying to ground and pound. Aldo lands a couple of good elbows and chokes Hominick with his forearm, the move I hate so much. Short elbows from Aldo are peppering Hominick’s face. He id going his best to tie-up Aldo. The ref breaks them up with thirty seconds left in round one. Aldo puts Hominick back down on the mat and wins round one.

Round Two-Hominick lands a good body shot and a right hand, Aldo lands a kick. Hominick is throwing more punches in round two, the fight seems to be heating up. Hominick is trying to land quick punches, but Aldo is faster than the punches and he puts Hominick on his back again. Aldo is controlling Hominick on the ground, he seems to be the stronger fighter. Aldo lands a good right from the top the makes Homonick’s head bounce off the mat. The ref stands the fighters up again and Aldo lands a left hook, he puts Hominick on the ground again. Aldo wins round two

Round Three-Hominick is bleeding from the face, the elbows have done their work. Aldo lands jabs at the beginning of the round, Hominick is fighting back with jabs of his own. Aldo lands another vicious leg kick that buckles Hominick’s left leg. Aldo lands a good right and Hominick jabs back. Hominick lands a couple jabs and dances around, Aldo lands a good punch, Hominick goes down on the ground and Aldo lands ground and pound trying to take Hominick out. Hominick proves to be a tough fighter,although his face is bleeding and cut up. Aldo decides to land some elbows and Hominick takes them from his back, Aldo lands a good right, the round ends, Aldo wins another round

Round Four-Homonick’s face is messed up, Aldo has a few cuts scrapes and welts himself. Aldo leads with a vicious leg kick and hurts Hominick with another good punch, this kid can take some punishment. Hominick lands a right and a left, follows the punches with a weak leg kick. Aldo lands a hook and another leg kick, Hominick goes down from another punch and Aldo jumps on him. Aldo is landing vicious punches and elbows on the face of Hominick, Homonick is taking a beating, He has a huge welt on his forehead, it looks horrible. Aldo wins the round, the fight may be over.

Round Five-Incredibly, the doctor allows the fight to go on. Aldo lands a good left hand to start the round and follows it with an uppercut. Homonick gets Aldo on his back hoping to return some of the punishment he received the past four rounds. aldo ties Homonick up and uses the bgutterfly guard on him. Homonick lands a few punches to the face of Aldo, revenge is sweet. Homonick has to knock-out Aldo to win this fight, unless he gets a submission. The knot on Homonick’s head looks horrible. He is trying to put a knot on Aldo’s head and lands punch after punch on the champion’s face, both men are exhausted, what an incredible fight. Aldo should win, but we will see what the judges have to say. Aldo retains the UFC featherweight title with a unanimous decision over Mark Hominick, it will take Homonick a while to recover from this fight.

Randy Couture vs. Lyoto Machida-Machida knocks out Couture in the second round with a straight kick to the jaw, the replay is incredible, speed killed in this fight. Machida comes back with a bang!

Randy Couture and Lyoto Machida are two of the most likeable fighters in the UFC. Captain America never seems to age, the Hall of Famer is incredible. Don’t know who to root for in this fight. Machida is fast and Couture is strong and older.

Round One-Randy Couture walks into the ring and he still looks strong as a bull, Machida will have to stay away from Couture. The two fighters touch gloves out of respect for each other and step into the middle of the ring. Machida tries a couple quick punches, but only glances Couture. He flicks the right jab, Couture tries a punch and gets countered by a good right hand. Couture lands his own good left hand to the face of Machida, Machida tries an uppercut and misses. Couture tries to get his paws on Machida, but machida jumps back out of the way. Machida lands a good punch to the face of Couture. Machida tries a knee, Couture tries to get a grip on Machida, no luck for either fighter. Machida lands a kick to the side of Couture, he should win round one because Machida controlled the action.

Round Two– Machida knocks out Couture in the second round with a straight kick to the jaw, the replay is incredible, speed killed in this fight.

Jason Brilz vs. Vladimir Matyushenko-Vladimir Matyushenko TKO’s Jason Brilz in the first round

Round One-Vladimir Matyushenko TKO’s Jason Brilz in the first round, he hits him with a vicious punch and pounds him out on the ground-if you blinked, you missed this fight, wow!!

Mark Bocek vs. Ben Henderson-Ben Henderson wins via unanimous decision over Mark Bocek

Round One-Ben Henderson comes out and steps into the ring, he runs around the ring. Mark Bocek gets ready to fight in his hometown in front of his fans, he steps into the ring, both men are ready to fight. THe two fighters tough gloves and UFC 129 begins. Bocek lands a wuick right and tries to take Henderson down, Henderson turns him around and pushes him up against the fence. They wrestle and Henderson throws a knee to the mid-section, the ref breaks them up and they are back in the center of the ring.

Bocek throws another right and tries for another take-down with the same results. Ben Henderson throws a nice right elbow that lands. Henderson lands a couple quick punches and follows up with a kick. Bocek is using mostly his straight right and trying for the takedown. He finally gets Henderson on to the mat, Henderson is on his back with 47 seconds left in the round. Bocek tries to get position and Henderson lands some nice elbows from the bottom, could be an even first round, did the takedown get the round for Bocek?

Round Two– Bocek goes for another takedown, he obviously wants to win this fight on the ground. Bocek tries to slam Henderson, gets him down and Henderson gets right back up. Henderson grazes a knee across Bocek’s face, he gets Bocek on the ground and tries to pound on him from the top. Bocek tries to tie up Henderson who lands a punch to the face. The men get up and Henderson lands a knee to the body, he then knees the inside of Bocek’s legs and ties him up against the fence. Bocek gets Henderson in a choke hold from the front, he flips Henderson and Henderson gets out of the choke. Henderson than lands some punches, knees and kicks, Bocke’s head is a bloody mess at the end of round two-round two should go to Henderson

Round Three-The cut seems to have been caused by a vicious elbow. Bocek takes Henderson down quickly in round three, he knows his cut is bad. He punches and bleeds on Henderson from the top. Henderson can’t win the fight on his back, so he better do something. He does, he rolls, gets on top of Bocek and throws vicious ground and pound from the top. Bocek reverses and gets Henderson’s back for a second. Henderson gets Bocek’s back and knees his legs, both men are trying for position. Henderson gets on top again and tries to control Bocek, he throws some awesome knees to the body, Bocek will be sore tomorrow. Bocek slams Henderson to the mat again, he tries to get control, but does nothing from the top. He puts another choke on Henderson, but does not have enough strength to hold it. The fight could go either way. Ben Henderson gets the unanimous decision, but it was a well fought awesome fight.

Preliminary Bouts on Spike TV

Nate Diaz vs. Rory MacDonald-Three rounds of Rory MacDonald schooling Nate Diaz in the art of MMA fighting-Rory MacDonald winner by Unanimous Decision

Jake Ellenberger def. Sean Pierson via first-round TKO

Preliminary Bouts not televised

Claude Patrick def. Daniel Roberts via unanimous decision
Ivan Menjivar def. Charlie Valencia via first-round TKO -showed via tape on Spike TV because time allowed
Jason MacDonald def. Ryan Jensen via submission (triangle)-shown via tape on Spike TV because time allowed
John Makdessi def. Kyle Watson via third-round KO
Pablo Garza def. Yves Jabouin via submission (triangle)

Incredible fights at UFC 129, Lyoto Machida KO’s Randy Couture in the Second Round with a Front Kick to the Jaw, Henderson wins over Bocek in a great/ competitive/ action filled fight, Vladimir Matyushenko TKO’s Jason Brilz in the first round which surprised Brilz, Me and the other MMA fans watching the fights on PPV tonight.Aldo retains the UFC featherweight title with a unanimous decision over Mark Hominick, Homonick ends his evening with a huge welt on his forehead, it looked horrible. St-Pierre wins a mostly boring unanimous decision over Jake Shields to retain the UFC Welterweight championship. I believe in a rematch, Shields would win because he knows what St-Pierre’s gameplan is. UFC 129 was excellent exept for the Shields/St-Pierre fight, I just wish St-Pierre would have fought more and made the fight more exciting.

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