Black Hills Gold Rings

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Dreaming is the easiest to do in this world, but many of our dreams is not that easy to achieve.  We can do practically anything while dreaming, and most of the time, we go beyond the unreachable.  Many, many years ago, the friends of my sister used to sleep over to our house during weekends.  I always overhear them talking about boys and anything that concerns them.  They even go as far as talking about their dream weddings and who they want to marry.  I find it weird when high school girls talk about these kinds of stuffs.  I am older than them and I don’t even get imagine those things.  I am more focused in finishing my school and in having a good career.

After a few years, I finally graduated with a degree in Psychology.  I was in the height of my career when I met my husband.  He is also a psychologist.  We started off as friends for almost a year before we started dating.  Then after a couple of months, we got engaged, and we finally got married three months after.  That’s how fast our relationship skipped from one level to another.  This is the way we want it, but of course everything was well thought of because I am not the impulsive type of person who immediately jumps into a situation that I am not even sure of.  

A day after the engagement, we went to a jewelry shop and look for wedding rings.  There were few that we loved, but what I truly adore were the black hills gold rings.  I told by husband-to-be that I love those rings back in the jelwery shop, but he seemed hesitant at first because he thinks that they don’t sound like a good idea for wedding rings and that they might be too big.  So, we went back to the shop and looked at it again, and he liked it, too, more than I do.  The black hills gold rings that we chose were simple, elegant and sophisticated.  We both agreed to take them.   

The black hills gold rings were a perfect fit.  It’s as if made together with our engagement rings because they almost have the same design engraved on the surface. We were both so happy to have found the rings.  They’re going to make our wedding a more memorable occasion.  True enough, our wedding day felt like it was the happiest day of our lives.  

We’ve been married for two decades now and we still wear our wedding rings every single minute of every day.  We again bought new rings because we did renew our wedding vows, but the old rings are what we treasure the most. 


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