Boardroom Tables

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I am a manager of one of the most respected corporations, and I really worked hard to become one.  I just started as an office clerk in one of the departments, and because I am consistently productive and efficient, I got noticed and earned promotions here and there.  I have been very practical all my life and have the habit of criticizing things that I think is not useful and functional.  When I was still an office clerk, I used pass by the rarely used conference room of our company whenever I go to the human resources department.  I used to consider the room idle as well as the chairs and the conference tables.  The conference tables that are made of hard rich-colored wood seem very expensive, yet worthless.     

That was my thinking before I became a manager.  As I rose through the ranks, I slowly realized the importance of boardroom tables.  Before, my mind was so narrow that I only see the physicality of a thing and not the deepness of its function.  I was more concerned of the physical space that, I think, may be converted to something profitable rather than the comfort that it may bring to people.  I wasn’t able to see the many positive things behind the concept of having a conference room.  I thought that the results will still be the same even if a meeting is only conducted in a small room.  But reality has struck me.  Everything I assumed was all wrong.  And now that I am one of the managers, I already see the importance of boardroom tables.  The officers, managers and staffs gather together around the boardroom tables when there are some important issues and announcements, and it is also where important decisions are made.   The boardroom should always have a pleasant mood so that people can properly think and decide.

Now, I felt the need of having boardroom tables in my office to replace my bean counters because they don’t look very professional per se.  I already find my old tables very inappropriate because it doesn’t fit the company that I am working for.  It’s looks very unattractive, which affects the appearance of my stylish office.  

Sometimes practicality is equated to narrow mindedness.  I have learned my lessons well and I am thirsty for more.  The conference room and all the furniture inside it are witnesses to the success and development of a company that’s why it should never be taken for granted. 


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