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Wow, would a nice grande vanilla latte be wonderful right now. I tell you; sometimes it just takes a tall cup of java to hit the spot. What’s your favorite blend? I find it so difficult to choose just one these days. After all, there are a number of great coffee beans out there to pick from. The trick is to try them all until you’ve found the ideal ones. Granted this can take a bit of time to say the least. Another option is to just try a few of the most recommended coffees and see if one tickles your fancy. Maybe you’d go nuts over Millstone, Seattle’s Best, or douwe egberts coffee. These are all well-known coffee distributors. Needless to say they fill millions of coffee mugs each and every morning. What brand of java is in your cup?

Are you currently satisfied with the coffee you invest in? Yeah, that’s right; I said invest in. This is what you essentially do. Think about how often you purchase coffee. It’s probably quite frequently. I call it an investment because coffee in your cup equals a smile on your face. This caffeinated catalyst can always brighten our morning. What better thing to invest in than happiness? Now, here’s the big question. Have you ever given douwe egberts coffee a shot? This is a rich smooth blend that will slap a grin on the mugs of most coffee nuts. Because let’s face it people, smooth java is just so much better than that bitter stuff. Sure, I want to taste those freshly roasted coffee beans, but not for the next two weeks.

Some coffee companies plain and simply roast their beans too dark and keep them on the shelf too darn long. With douwe egberts coffee, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how fresh it tastes going down. Imagine waking up each morning to that amazing coffee aroma. You know the scent that comes from freshly roasted and freshly ground beans. It will tease your senses until you can finally get your hands on it and take a sip. Stop wasting your time with canned coffees that hit their expiration date during the Great Depression. It’s time to move on up with douwe egberts coffee. It’s simple when you can purchase it from home. Yep, I’m talking about the World-Wide-Web. Hop online today and check out the douwe egberts coffee website. Order a pound and give it a shot.


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