Butter Cookies Recipe

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Our lives have changed a lot from our lifestyles to our daily routines, and we have to absorb all of these just to keep up with time.  Cooking seems to be vanishing in our busy schedules.  We usually prefer buying pre-packed goods and pastries because it saves us time and energy, but we all should remember that some things need to be done personally for the ones we loves like cooking or baking.  It is one way of showing them how much we love and care for them.  You can make cookies for them, and it doesn’t have to be those that require many ingredients.  There are actually butter cookies recipe that only need few ingredients. 

Most of us bake cookies on special occasions and on holidays.  I’m sure, you were even glad to help your mothers in your kitchens.  Despite all the mess, you really find it very exciting, right?  If you still have the butter cookies recipe that you used to bake, then well and good, but if you’ve misplaced it, you can find one in cookbooks or in the Internet that is somewhat similar to your recipe.   

Most cookie recipes are almost similar.  You just need to have the basic ingredients, such as flour, butter and sugar.  These are the three basic ingredients that we normally have in our kitchens.  What you still need to get hold of is vanilla, baking powder and a small amount of salt.    

We all are used to making plain cookies, but if you want a different taste and look, you can always add other ingredients into your recipe.  This sounds a bit complicated, but it’s actually very simple.  You can try making walnut cinnamon butter cookies, which is a perfect match to coffee or tea.  You will surely be enticed with its aroma and with its sweetness.  These cookies can also be a great addition to your menu when hosting parties or you can also give them as gifts when attending family gatherings or reunions. 

If you love chocolates, why not look for a chocolate butter cookies recipe?  You can either pour a melted chocolate into the rest of the ingredients, or just simply cut it into bits then mix.  It doesn’t matter what butter cookies recipe you choose as long as you follow directions.              

Baking cookies is really a great way to bond with your family.  You can regularly make cookies for them and simply place it on your dining table or store them in a container.  It is just needs a bit of your time and energy, but the results can be very rewarding. 


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