Canopy Bed

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All people are unique in many different ways, which includes choosing furniture, appliance and home decors.  Some people just opt to go for traditional styles and designs, which is way too boring.  But people who choose to stick with this kind of style makes it sure that it is worth appreciating.  They don’t buy expensive furniture, collections from other counties, or colourful paintings.  Do not expect to see these kind things inside their houses.  They would rather paint their walls plain.  Furniture with a modern touch is a no-no.  You can tell that are not the type who has canopy beds in their homes. 

Canopy beds used to be very attractive many, many years ago, but now, it seems that they are just suited for those with strange personality.  The canopy beds are for people who are mysterious and weird.  People who love to experiment on design concepts also use them.  This type of furniture can rarely be seen in furniture shops nowadays, and if ever you find one, it would probably cost you a fortune.  Some people have this antique bed because they may have inherited it from their grandparents.  This is such a very big and heavy bed, and it takes a number of people to be able to move it.  This is not like an ordinary bed that you can easily assemble and disassemble.

I thought that putting the canopy bed in my bedroom that my grandma gave me was a good idea, and true it is!  My room was big enough to accommodate it and it stood elegantly in the center of my room.  The frame, as well as the feet of the canopy bed, was made of iron that has a spiral design.  Everything looked fine except for the canopy.  It already looked so old because it was used for many decades already.  It was the part of the bed that I chose not to include, but I did not throw it away for it has a sentimental value.  I, instead, kept it in my storage room.  

I found a canopy that is perfect for my canopy bed.  If you can’t find a canopy that you like, you can just buy a fabric and make it all by yourself.   You can have a design that you want depending on your mood.  You can make it appear magical, scary or romantic.  Whatever style and design you choose, just make sure that you feel comfortable.  People who like canopy beds don’t seem boring after all….they are just so artistic and creative! 


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