Cat Door Mat

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 It is undeniable that many of us love to take care of pets.  Many venture into a business that sells various pets because they know it is a good investment.  This kind of business is continually increasing in terms of sales and number.  Many people are kind of obsessed with pets most especially with cats and dogs.  This is the reason why pet shop owners introduce many accessories every now and then to take advantage of the situation.  Pet owners really can’t resist buying these accessories because they are just so cute and attractive.

We have a number of dogs and one cat at home.  My wife already had a dog even before we got married while I have cat.  My wife doesn’t like cats and she told me that we should only have dogs once we get married.  And because I love her so, I just gave my cats to one of my brothers.  But, I really missed my cat.  Almost every day, I try my best to convince her that I should get my cat back, and one day, she finally gave in. 

My family and my friends can tell how I love cats so much.  They always would give me cat items on my birthdays and on holidays.  I actually have a shelf where I put all my cat accessories and figurines.  Last Christmas, I got a food dish and a cat door mat.  I never was given a cat door mat before.  When I tried it, I thought that it will look better if placed under the food dish of my cat because the size is a bit small for a door mat.  I placed it in one of the corners of our home together with a can filled with my cat’s food and bowl of water.  The cat door mat looks so attractive and my cat seems to enjoy it a lot.

I suddenly became interested in cat door mats since I received one last holiday season.  I have seen many shapes, colors and designs, and they all look so appealing.  Others come in very affordable while others are so expensive.  Prices vary depending on the materials used and on the brand that goes with them.  Those who settle for the expensive items really have a pretty big budget for their pets. 

Aside from cat door mats that you find in the market, they are also many toys and pets clothes available for your cat that will surely make them even more lovable.  I’ve also seen costly cat toys in many pet shops, but you don’t need to buy some because cats already get satisfied with simple toys.  There are also nip toys that cats love to play that usually puts them to sleep after getting tired of playing with it.  I can say that cats are simple to please because they are not picky when it comes to toys.  All they need is food, water and a tender loving care. 


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