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If you want a pet that isn’t moody, then don’t get a cat.  If you’re looking for a pet that you can consider as your best friend, you should just get a dog.  You can easily tell the personality of a person with the pets he owns.  If he is a moody type of person, he might have a pet cat.  Unlike dogs, cats don’t want to play if they don’t feel like playing and more often than not, they just like to stay alone in one corner and sleep.  But once they are in the mood for playing, they sure can light up a house.  They are so simple to please and they are easy to satisfy.  You can give them cat toys, such as a ball of yarn or just a loose thread.

Cats don’t need to have a toy in the real sense because almost everything they see are presumably cat toys for them.  If you choose a cat to be your pet, you must know how they act and how they see things.  They are known to be good chasers and are quite sneaky.  They usually want to catch something just like what they normally do when they see a mouse.  A strand of thread can already be a great toy for them. 

Your cat would even have more fun if you tie something at the end of a string or a ribbon, such as a small piece of paper, plastic or cloth.  But you can just have a string or ribbon with nothing tied on its end.  Just hang it in front of your cat and he will try to catch it by all means.  You can also play with your cat by moving the string up and down, right and left.  Sometimes you should also pretend that he was able to catch it for in this way, his morale will be boosted and will love to continue playing with you.      

If you want to pamper your cat, you might as well give him real cat toys.  One of the most popular cat toys is the squeaky toy.  Squeaky toys actually differ in shapes, sizes, characters and designs, and the best design that you can give is in the form of a rat.  But, I guess, it really doesn’t matter if they have a mouse, a tiger, a fish, or even a cat.  What’s important for them is the sound that these squeaky toys produce. 

Cat toys do not just act as fun-maker for your cats.  It can, likewise, be used to distract them when you’re bathing them, brushing their hair, or cutting their nails.  It would be a lot easier for you to do all the grooming on your cat if you keep him busy with something like cat toys. 

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