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I love bath and body products and this is the reason why I have different scents lined up in my bathroom.  I don’t consider myself vain, it’s just that I want to feel clean and smell good all the time.  Most women use these products, and just like me, many buy them for their collection of toiletries.  Studies show that a big percentage of expenditures are spent more on toiletries, next to food.  People, both men and women, are becoming more and more conscious on the way they look and smell, so if you’re planning to put up a business, you should try selling beauty products.  

I feel like I’m addicted to bath and body products because I only don’t buy them for myself, I even give them to my loved ones and friends as gifts.  If you think that you know of someone who needs to relax and who needs a little treat, try giving her bath and body items like exfoliating creams, body scrubs or moisturizers.  This shall help her feel pampered and really cared for.  She will then think that she needs to take a break from all that’s worrying her.  You may choose from different varieties and aromas depending on what you think are appropriate for her.

Bath and body products can be availed in several scents, and I personally love the smell of lavender, lilac and jasmine.  I use them interchangeably depending on my mood.  When I feel exhausted, I prefer using the lavender because it smells so relaxing.  On the other hand, I use jasmine or lilac when I am in a great mood for it makes me feel more energized.  Jasmine and lilac almost smells similar and it both has the same effect on me.  I don’t know what’s in the scent that makes me feel so relaxed, but what I know is that it is so effective and I know that I will be using these products for the rest of my life.

If you are greatly satisfied in using bath and body products, you should also let others feel the way you feel.  Why don’t you give the persons you care about bath and body products?  It’s a very nice idea to find out what aroma works for them, but if it’s not possible, just give them a gift certificate so that they will be the ones to decide what scent to buy.  These products can be found in almost all stores.  You can also buy online where they also offer a wide variety.  There are products that contain chemicals and there are some that don’t, so be wise enough to choose bath and body products that will not harm your skin and your health as well. 


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