Abandonment – Divorce, Abuse, Abandon, Loss of Connectedness

Heal Your Abandonment Issues

Healing abandonment issues can vary from person to person. For you the most important issue is to start working on the issue and keep going. Abandonment causes many to adopt the victim mentality which they then use to justify inaction.

Feeling like a victim is a waste of time because what you focus on increases in your life and calling yourself a victim intensifies the likelihood that the label will stick. If you want that life, well it is an easy commute. But if you want improvement, then you need to get to work.

The old expression “Fake it until you make it” always gets a laugh but it also gets the attention of the watchers who are vested in seeing whether the one watched can do it or whether they will crash and burn. The narrow minded observers just want to detract attention from their laziness and have a laugh at other folks’ expense. Here lies the vulnerability and the opportunity.

The vulnerability is that anything less than pure perfection can be labeled failure by the pessimistic onlookers and because of abandonment issues, you may just believe them and accept that label. If you do, case closed. If you don’t, it is a new ball game.

The opportunity of taking action to eliminate abandonment is powerful in that It allows you access to the full potential of your existence, even those areas that you have ruled out are open to the aggressive action of one who is finally taking charge of their life. The truth is that abandonment is just a limited view of an experience and new experiences can quickly refute those limiting beliefs.

I have written extensively about stress, power, emotion release, victimization, grief and all things limiting. The capsulized version of my answers is – If you don’t like where you are, get up and move to a better situation that will be liked by you. Believe me when you do, you will help others in the process. Please visit my many webpages and find the support you need. If you have read this far, you are ready to create a new you. Blessed be

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