The Beatrix Potter Crib Bedding

Gift registries are becoming a fad nowadays.  One will never have a hard time thinking anymore of what gifts to give to someone on special occasions.  Registries were first introduced to brides and grooms where they have to write down the things that they want to receive on their wedding day.  Before, only few department stores offer this kind of service, but now they can be found in almost all major specialty and department stores.   

Following the bridal registries were the baby registries.  These are for expecting mothers who also jots down everything she wants her baby to have.  If there are registries for brides and mothers, there must also be for children. These children’s gift registries are given to people who are selected to grant their wishes, such as other family members, relatives and friends.  If you come to think of it, registries can be a big help in deciding what gift to give.  You don’t even have to worry if they like your gifts or not.  They serve as wish lists similar to those written by children to Santa Claus during Christmas.   

There was a time when I was invited by one of my college friends to attend her baby shower.  Written in the invitation were names of department stores where she availed of baby registry.  She is very fond of receiving gifts like most of us do.  The next day, I went to the different department stores listed on the invitation because I want to find out what she wants me to buy for her baby.  Her list was quite long, and one of the gifts that I noticed from her wish list was Beatrix Potter crib bedding.  This, I thought, was the perfect gift for her precious one instead of giving her baby clothes or shoes.  I also chose this gift because this is what my budget can afford. 

I wasn’t able to buy a Beatrix Potter crib bedding in the first store that I visited because it’s out of stock.  So, I went to another department and the situation was the same – no stocks!  I got a bit frustrated.  I was already thinking of buying another gift listed on the registry if I still can’t find a Beatrix Potter crib bedding in the next store.  Fortunately, I found one, which is the store’s last stock.  Whew! Lucky me!  One of the store’s sales associate told me that it is on sale that’s why their stocks got easily depleted.  

On the day of the baby shower, I felt really excited because I know she will like the gift that I got for her baby.  True enough, she loved it!  Thanks to the people who have thought of gift registries! 

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