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When you’re watching TV or listening to the radio, what commercials or advertisements do you usually see and hear?  When you are on the road, what products do you usually see on billboards?  I have noticed that most of them are about health and beauty products.  These commercials and advertisements aggressively offer products that can make you young and beautiful.

Most of us are in the midst of searching for the best skin care product to make us young-looking.  You will observe that a big percentage of store spaces are filled with beauty products in various sizes and SKU’s.  These products always say that they are the best skin care product even if they are not.  You can also avail of skin care items from distributors, such as Avon, LR, and Mary Kay.  Products bought from them costs more than those that are found in grocery and in health and beauty stores.  Even if they are more expensive, you are assured that they are on the list of the best skin care products, but this doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself on them — be open to other options. 

The effectiveness of a product depends on how we use it.  If you stick to a certain product and apply it regularly, you will see its great effect on you.  For instance, make sure that you wash your face daily, in the morning and in the evening, with facial wash, then apply a moisturizing cream every after wash.  You should also apply a facial mask once a week to remove the dead skin on your face.  This is an example of an anti-aging regimen if you want to look young and feel young.  This shall prevent you from having visible lines of ageing like wrinkles and dryness of the skin.  

Commercials are very influential.  When many people see newly launched products endorsed by beautiful women, they tend to buy it as soon as possible because they’re assuming that the products will have similar effects on them.  Using expensive products does not necessarily mean that you will look more beautiful.  Sometimes you have to try different brands to know which one works best for you, and if you have found one, I suggest that you stick it and consider it the best skin care product for you.  It is also important that we trust the products that we use and stay loyal to it.  You should also take into the consideration the contents of the products that you use.  If you think it has too many chemicals in it, then don’t even attempt to put it on your face.  As much as possible, go for something more natural.

We should all find time to look good and stay healthy by using best skin care products.  Whether we’re going to sleep or we’re going out for a walk, we must use products that will protect our skin from ageing, such as moisturizers and sun blocks.    Always remember that the effectiveness of health and beauty products depend much on you.  If you use the products religiously, you will definitely look young and beautiful. 


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